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Barrier is a powerful defensive technique.


There are two forms of the technique, each serving a different purpose. The primary form, the user creates a barrier of energy around themselves, often in the shape of a wall or orb. These barriers can be invisible, making for an annoyance in combat for those unable to pinpoint the slight haze in the air the barrier creates. This form can be used in an offensive form, by ramming opponents from behind the energy-based barricade. This barrier is mostly designed to increase the user's physical defences sharply, assisting their survivability. However, despite being energy-based, the user can be restrained in movement by the technique.

The second version of the technique is extremely rare, and involves shooting the barrier like a beam from the hands. This variant is typically used to trap the opponent within a barrier so they cannot move, but can also be used to counter other beam-type attacks by creating the barrier in the air, while still charged by the energy beam, stopping the attack head-on. However, this form is much less likely to be used, due to the difficulty in fluidly switching from it to close-in fighting.


Pokemon Users


  • Swords Dance and Howl: Variants involving physical attack
  • Iron Defense: Same as Barrier
  • Amnesia: Variant involving special defense
  • Bulk Up: Variant involving both physical attack and defense
  • Calm Mind: Variant involving special attack and defense
  • Cosmic Power: Variant involving both physical and special defense
  • Dragon Dance: Variant involving physical attack and speed
  • Meditate: Variant involving both physical and special attack

Technique Rank

Due to the defensive capabilities of the technique, but taking into account the restrictions in movement, it bears a C-rank.

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