This is an article about Baron Bilious, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 05/20/2015.


Baron has somewhat of an odd physique for a dancer. His main physique is similar to that of an hourglass, having a somewhat thin midsection while the top and bottom areas are more outwards. What's also strange is his lack of any arms. Rather than having two arms and two legs, evolution gave Baron 4 legs all facing outwards, like the edges of a square. His feet are neither right nor left, allowing him to dance with all four of them with much more ease as well as less stress. His choice of clothing is a weird cone-like hat that he uses to balance when upside down, a white single-piece suit that stretches from his shoulders to his feet, a light-brown overcoat over that, and two pairs of white ballet shoes tightly tied on his feet. Baron also has somewhat of a thin facial structure and a sharp chin.


Baron is a very prideful and self-indulgent being, only caring about himself and his needs. He would never save a persons life unless his own life depended on it. Baron believes himself to be the greatest dancer in the world, and will scoff at anyone else even remotely close to him that happen to also be performers themselves, regardless of what exactly they do. Even when people are allied with him, Baron cares only for himself and will sacrifice people's lives just so he doesn't get too messy by the end of it all.


Baron was once a great and well-renowned dancer, who could perform pretty much any style with his four elegant and graceful legs. This was at a time when dancing was a huge thing where he lived, so it came no surprise that it eventually passed over and a new passtime would be found. His whole life built for something that became such a niche interest that it seemed Baron was the only one who truly cared. In his depression, Baron found that his talents could be used in a more... violent.

Baron used his remaining funds to buy small blades that he painstakingly molded to fit his shoes. With these, he would literally dance his victims to death by slashing them while performing eloquent movements. This had given him a new outlet for money as well as notoriety, but not exactly the good kind. Many people had challenged him over the years to see who was the better assassin, and Baron almost always came out on top, but always found a way to survive if he were to lose. Unfortunately, his cheap tricks could only work so many times. Through a network of information constantly shared throughout the planet, other assassins found out exactly how he would escape from people who survived his attacks. It wasn't long until someone who knew all about Baron's tactics had challenged him and won, but this time, victory wasn't just enough.

Baron was slowly tortured by a bulky man from a once prosperous village, whose people Baron had slaughtered for an unknown payer who offered a huge sum of money. As revenge for this, the man slowly ripped off all four of Baron's legs, until eventually being decapitated and his body left to rot. Baron's fame was quickly erased, and he inevitably fell into the Void of Memory. There, he was faced with the god of the void Sartorius, who had seen great potential in this man before him, and gave Baron the opportunity to perform once again as a member of the Void Ensemble, which baron accepted in a heartbeat. He was transferred to the String Carnival and made a part of String Paradise, where he would meet many other members and worked towards the Void Ensemble's true goal to be remembered by the masses once again by any means necessary.


Baron is a very skilled dancer as well as a highly capable fighter. Baron can perform pretty much any style of dance from any era, though prefers the art of Ballet, as he finds it's graceful and eloquent style to be a perfect match for him. Having no arms, he has to rely on equal distribution of weight to remain balanced when attacking. He can manipulate the center-of-gravity in his body to wherever he needs it to be, whether he's just sticking a landing or performing a highly-complex dance-attack. He can use the cone on his head to spin around like a top and viciously slash his opponents with the blades on his legs. One should also take note of the strength of his legs in general. His kicks can deliver a great wallop to opponents, as well as being able to create sharp blades of wind if he were to not hit anything, which fade as time progresses.


Baron is not perfect, and is of course going to have some weaknesses. Most of his flaws lie in his personality. His self-absorbed nature keeps pretty much everyone away from him and only low-level mooks looking for ways to scavenge team up with him, and even then he'll probably force them to do all the work before he starts. His blatant lack of care for others is also shown in his fighting style. Although graceful in movement and execution, Baron's dance-attacks lack care and are overall reckless, causing him to care little about the area around him or exactly who he's attacking. One can exploit this to make him cartoonishly destroy the area around him, only for it to come crashing back down on him.

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