Banzai the Monkey!

"And that's how you do it."
Banzai the Monkey
19th August
Chaos Manipulation, Super Strength, Agility, Super Form, Nimbleness, Staff Wielding, Super Form, B-Trans, Copy
Bananas, Sweet Things, Warm Places, Jungles, Trees, Friends, Training, Relaxing, Being Active
Feeling Cold, Barren Areas, Being Bored, Enemies, Arrogance


Banzai was once a regular monkey living in the forests of South Island, but was captured by Eggman to be used as a test subject for a new line of 'super soldiers.' Using a chaos emerald, Eggman then experimented on him, and infused Banzai's body with chaos energy, giving him enhanced strength, agility, edurance, and giving him the ability to manipulate chaos energy. However, sometime afterwards, Banzai regained his senses, and broke out of Eggman's laboratory, destroying the place and freeing a deadly creation in the process. Later on that same day, fatigued from the destruction he had caused, he collapsed somewhere in Greenhill Zone. He was found by none other than Sonic the Hedgehog, and was taken to Station Square to his friends and to be tended to. It was there he met Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Monkey Khan and the rest of Sonic's friends. Seeing as they were both monkeys, Sonic decided to leave him in the care of Khan, much to the latter's annoyance. Despite their rocky start, Khan took Banzai to Chun-nan (where he lives in this continuity) and allowed him to stay with him. Here he trained with Khan and learned how to control the Chaos energy within him and how to use a staff. He had Tails create a specially made staff for him, one that was extremely heavy, durable and could store and help him manipulate Chaos. After staying in Chun-nan for a while, Banzai left to go and explore the world on his own, and still does to this very day. During his travels he has learned many things, including new techniques. He has even developed some on his own, such as Chaos Blitz and his Chaos Form.


Banzai has enhanced agility, strength and endurance, and is also skilled at wielding a staff (thanks to Khan's teachings).


Banzai the Monkey

He has the power to utilize Chaos Energy. He can shoot blasts of chaos energy, either from his hands or staff. He can also use chaos blast when he gains enough energy, usually from a Power Ring. He can also charge his staff with energy, making it much more powerful.

His signature move, however, is Chaos Blitz, where he charges his fists (or staff) and rapidly attacks his opponent with consecutive, high speed attacks, producing massive bursts of energy with every hit. He can use this attack in varying degrees: Chaos Blitz, Super Chaos Blitz, Ultra Chaos Blitz and Final Chaos Blitz.

Also, due to being exposed to chaos energy, banzai has the ability to use the chaos emeralds to become "Super Banzai." Another unique ability he has is the power to copy the data of another animal/person and store it in his staff. Once this is done, he can transform into that animal/person for a short time, giving him access to some of their abilities. This technique is called Banzai Transformation, or B-Trans for short.

Banzai also has the ability to convert chaos energy into natural energy, but needs a great deal in order to do so. Using the natural energy, he can use is to do affect the environment around him e.g. causing plants to grow, healing wounds etc. He mainly uses it offensively by manipulating plants and wood, and can use many wood style attacks . His ultimate nature techique, however, is Natural Devastation, which traps the target in a massive, inescapable tree, then incinerates them, the tree along with them, in a massive inferno.

Banzai also has a form called Chaos Form. He can attain this form by focusing the chaos energy inside of him (for varying periods of time) and keeping calm while doing so. At first, he could only transform in times of great need, but now he can do it at will. Depending on his emotions at the time, he can either change into Berserker Chaos Form or Gestalt Chaos Form. As Berserker Banzai, his fur gets a red tint, the 'hair' on his head gets slightly longer and raised, his teeth are slightly sharpened and he exhibits a reddish aura. His physical strength is quadruple his normal strength. His energy blasts are also a lot more powerful and larger. His personality also changes slightly, as he becomes more aggressive and enjoys fighting while in this state. When using nature energy in this state he can only cause things harm, either by draining their energy or by using destructive forces of nature. As Gestalt Banzai, his fur is cyan tinted, his hair gets longer and falls slightly below his shoulders. His aura is cyan blue and he gets white rings around his eyes. While his physical strength may not increase as much as in his Berserker form, he is much faster, able to move at supersonic speeds. His energy blasts are also a lot more powerful than his Valor form, and he has more control over them. In this state, he can utilize nature energy for healing purposes, whether it be himself or others around him. The drawbacks to his Chaos Forms are that he cannot sustain it for long (5 minutes max) and when he reverts to his regular self, he is extremely fatigued. Therefore, he tries to end fights while transformed, otherwise he will be vunerable when he reverts.


Banzai is a free spirited monkey. He is a happy go-lucky kind of person who always tries to look at the bright side of things. He is kind-hearted, and would help anyone who needs it. Like Khan, he does have a bit of a temper, but is not as easily provoked as Khan is. He also tends to carry the world on his shoulders every time a threat surfaces, especially if Chimera's involved. He hates being left out and tries to be a part of anything that's going on, whether he's wanted or not. He can also be a little naive, but this doesn't affect his strong sense of justice.


Age: 14

Relatives: Khan (adopted brother)

Banzai2 - Copy

Banzai the Monkey

Species: Monkey

Gender: Male

Description: Brown

fur w/ light brown hands, feet, face and chest.

Attire: Goggles, scarf, vest, inhibitor rings (on wrists and ankles).

Weapons: Entropy Staff

Affiliations: Dragon Kingdom

Forms: Super form, Chaos form, Berserker form


This is a sample of what Banzai sounds like.

You can listen to it here:


The Troll Chronicles

Banzai was looking for his arch-nemesis Chimera when he found himself entangled in the troll crisis. During the

Banzai in an alternate costume

conflict he met Turbo, who became one of his friends and helped him with his own quest. Sometime during the story, Banzai fell victim to Chimera's Chaos Trance, causing him to become his slave. He was freed sometime later. The two later came face to face with Chimera and defeated him.

Rise of Evanidus

Despite Chimera and Evanidus being the main antagonists of the story, Banzai has a supporting role. he merely guards the Master Emerald with Knuckles and Khan to prevent it from falling into Evanidus's hands.

World Hero Tournament

Banzai participated in the World Hero Tournament held in Betwixt and Between by the gods Laniatus and Nemesis.

Numbered Days

Sometime before the story, Banzai was subjected to Nusquam 's Lamenting Curse, forcing him to complete a certain task or face the consequences. He then met up with Thetis, who was also branded. Despite being enemies, the two shared a common goal: to defeat Nusquam. He later met with Smash and his group and traveled with him to accomplish this goal.

Island of Enigma

Banzai is one of the many people curious about the sudden appearance of a massive island near Station Square, and goes on his own to investigate.


When the tyrannical V appears in Mobius, Banzai finds himself sucked into a whole new world. Literally. He ends up joining the resistance against the villains forces and embarks on a quest to save all existence from his rule.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Since he was the one that rescued him and introduced him to his other friends, Sonic is a good friend of Banzai. He is both impressed by and envies his speed and celebrity status, and sometimes wishes that he could help sonic on one of his adventures or maybe have one of his own. He sometimes gets a little annoyed by his cockiness, but is good friends with him nonetheless.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails was the first one of Sonic's friends Banzai was introduced to. At first, he assumed that Tails was like any other 8 year old, until he saw how intelligent he was. Whenever Banzai needs to find out something, the first person he always goes to is Tails. They are both on good terms with each other, and often see eye-to-eye. Tails is probably one of Banzai's closest friends, next to Sonic, Knuckles, and Khan.

Knuckles the Echidna

Banzai first met the hot tempered echidna while chasing chimera after he stole the Master Emerald. Knuckles quickly assumed that Banzai was after the emerald and the two briefly did battle. In the fight, Banzai witnessed Knuckles's immense strength and determination to protect the emerald, and respected him. After the little scuffle, Banzai managed to convince Knuckles that he wasn't trying to steal the Emerald, and the two became friends ever since. Banzai enjoys hanging out with Knuckles and thinks he's cool, and sometimes enjoys practicing his skills by sparring with him (and he has never beaten him). They get along well and are good friends.

Monkey Khan

Banzai looks up to Khan like an older brother, and has a similar relationship with him to Sonic and Tails. Khan acts as Banzai's mentor and teacher, and is the simian's closest friend. Although Khan didn't like the idea of being stuck with Banzai, he soon found out he had a lot in common with him (both kidnapped by Eggman to be transformed into super soldiers) and grew to like him. Since Banzai didn't have a home, Khan offered to have him stay in the Dragon Kingdom with him, to which he happily agreed. Banzai and Khan get along very well, and are as close as brothers. Although some things about Khan bug him, such as his impulsiveness and his temper, he still respects and looks up to him.

The Chaotix

Turbo the Hedgedragon

Beat the Cat

On one of his travels, Banzai met up with Beat, and the two became fast friends. beat found Banzai to be interesting and exciting, while Banzai just thought beat was cool and liked to hang out with him. The two of them joined forces on several occasions to combat various threats.



Chimera is a failed experimental super-weapon created by Eggman to destroy Sonic and his friends. Chimera is Banzai's nemesis, and has been ever since he accidently released him from Eggman's lab. He despises Chimera and never fails to foil his plans to rule the world. He also feels guilty for unleashing such a dangerous person on the world, and tends to feel that it his his responsibility to stop him.


Warriors Orochi Z tracks (Better Quality) - Bamboo Paradise

Warriors Orochi Z tracks (Better Quality) - Bamboo Paradise

This song sounds so happy, so energetic, so carefree, and so much like Banzai's personality, hence why it's his main theme.


  • Banzai is based on Sun Wukung from the Chinese novel "Journey to the West. Monkey Khan is also based on this character.
  • His favourite food is bananas or anything sweet.
  • The goggles on his head were created by Dr. Eggman and not only shield his eyes, but has X-ray vision, thermal vision and can analyze characters and objects.
  • The gem on his staff stores chaos energy
  • His favourite color is blue, because it is the colour of the sky and the sea
  • He dislikes snow, and feeling cold in general.
  • He wants to surpass Khan someday and beat Knuckles in a sparring match,
  • His staff is extremely heavy and strong, being made of adamantine. Other characters (except Knuckles and Shadow) have difficulty in lifting it, but Banzai sarcastically claims, "It's not that heavy." This is similar to Cloud Strife, who possesses a massive sword and its size is usually joked about by other characters, and also claims that it isn't heavy.
  • His favourite hobbies are exploring, climbing trees or mountains, relaxing, playing video games and training with Khan or Knuckles.
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