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Banishment is a Balance-aligned technique and counterattack. This technique is derived from and an advanced form of God's Realm effect to "banish" techniques and abilities from within it.


The technique begins with the user forming a black-rimmed rapidly spinning disk about the size of a dinner plate in their hand, with grey energy spinning like a whirlpool within it. When this technique is held up to an incoming attack, the attack is sucked into the disk and "banished" to a separate dimension, leaving the user of this technique entirely unharmed. The amount of energy this technique can store is exponential but not infinite; the disk slowly shrinks as it takes in the attack. If the disk shrinks entirely, it results in a violent backlash that knocks back and harms the user. The stored power from this technique can be sent back through the use of the Expulsion technique, or will naturally dissipate within the separate dimension over time. This technique can take in multiple attacks at one time, but it only works against long-ranged and projectile attacks.



  • Expulsion

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