Oswald Rupert "Balue" Kipling is an anthropomorphic sloth bear and Cooler the Hedgehog's godfather. As he is a sloth bear, he's laid back, fun-loving, loyal, protective, and more than willing to help anyone no matter what.

He acts as the "Fatherly Figure" for the Funky Town Gang, and thinks of them as his own kids, along with his own daughter Rocky.


Balue is a tall, black and white furred bear, and has yellow eyes. As he is a bear, he has a large nose, round ears, and a strong body. He sports a green bandana around his neck, dark blue jeans with a brown belt, white gloves, and brown shoes.


Balue can best be described as the best fatherly figure you have ever met. He's protective and loyal, as well as has a great love for children in general. He carries an even temper, but doesn't like war and fighting. He also loves to eat, and his favorite food is fruit salad.


A Bear Cub becomes a Hero

Balue was born 200 years prior to the events of Funky Town to a tribe of bears in Adabat. He was childhood friends with Sumac Readsta, a Skyhog who was separated from his tribe and was being raised by a pack of wolves. When he was a 15 year old adolescent cub, he heard from the elders that a singer from the Rose Tribe of the area where Spagonia is would be coming to Adabat for a ceremony held on the night of the full moon. Balue, having never met someone outside his tribe before, so he was excited. He and his friend Pistachio the Parrot woke up to the sound of a scream outside their village, and decided to investigate.

They found an unconscious Clarissa Maybelle at the entrance of the abandoned Gaia Temple, and Puraido, a demonic purple Tiger with his minion Biter. Perusing Clarissa to prevent her from singing her song and steal her beauty, Puraido tries to strike, but Balue intervenes by gluing a wasp nest to his back. The berserk wasps sting and attack Puraido, forcing him and Biter to flee into the jungle. With that, Balue cradled Clarissa in his arms and carried her to the safety of their village.

As the night of the full moon comes closer, more sightings of Puraido occur every now and than. Also, Balue and Pistachio develop a close friendship with Clarissa. Eventually, Balue begins to fall in love with Clarissa. However, on the night of the full moon, Puraido returns and captures Clarissa once again. Fueled by his anger, Balue stormed his way through the jungle and to his hiding place, the Tigers' Cave.

Not too long in his journey, Balue finds Puraido at the heart of the cave. Mustering his courage in his strong arms, Balue challenges Puraido to a duel. On and on the two beasts fought, but Balue was growing tired and weak. Puraido was just about to strike when Sumac joined the fight. Using the powers of nature, Sumac fought hard against the ferocious tiger by sprouting trees, summoning wind, and sprinkling water spouts. It was there that it was revealed that Sumac Readsta was Mystic Being of Nature, and was destined to help the creatures of Adabat escape the evils.

Finally, with enough strength, Balue lifted Puraido up and threw him down a bottomless pit to his death. Balue and Clarissa find themselves together again, and their tribe celebrates.



He doesn't specifically have any special powers, so he resorts to feral and hand-to-hand combat. He also has great strength and mighty roars.


He's ticklish

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