Biographical Information
Relatives Kirby (genetic template)
Alias Bolmy
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species Kirby's species
Gender Male
  • Skin: Red w/ Blue around eyes.
  • Yellow, white, and brown markings
  • Eyes: Green
Attire Black shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations TBD
Weaponry Varies based on Copy Ability
  • Copy Ability
  • Inhalation
  • Exhalation
  • Floating
Super Forms Super Copy Balmy
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Kagimizu (based on pre-existing character)

Balmy is an inter-dimensional clone of Kirby created by Eggman.



Tired of defeat after defeat, Eggman attempted to resort to "outsourcing" in an attempt to take down Sonic. Scanning the multiverse for something that could defeat the blue blur, Eggman came across the pink puffball and his copying capabilities. While Eggman believed he had found the perfect person to use to defeat Sonic, there was a problem in that Kirby himself is a hero. However, the doctor decided to solve that by cloning Kirby, attempting to get all of the puffball's powers with none of his morality. Unfortunately for Eggman, Kirby's powers and heroic heart were a package deal. Soon after giving Balmy his name (basing it on a combination of "ball" for his round body and "bomb" for his potentially destructive powers), Eggman made the mistake of monologuing in front of the clone puffball. Outraged that his creation was meant for something so insidious, Balmy quickly made his own opinion of the matter clear by trashing Eggman's base, followed by making a swift escape.


Under Construction

Balmy's body and general appearance are almost exactly like Kirby's; Balmy has a small, round body with stubby arms and big, roundish feet. However, Eggman made a point of "customizing" Balmy's appearance: Balmy's body is the same shade of red as the mad doctor's shirt, while his shoes/feet are pitch black. On Balmy's front are a two pairs of square yellow markings on Balmy's body, from which extend a pair of white stripes that run horizontally around Balmy's back to connect to the other yellow square, running parallel to one another. The skin around Balmy's eyes is a deep blue, resembling the pez glasses Eggman wears. Rather than the rosy coloration on Kirby's cheeks, Balmy has three brown whisker-like markings extending from a single point at a 45, 90, and 135 degree angles. This markings vaguely resemble Eggman's own mustache.


Balmy has all of Kirby's abilities, most significantly Kirby's ability to inhale objects and enemies and gain powers from it. While most of Balmy's powers have a more metallic aesthetic than Kirby's brighter design, they function exactly the same. Beyond the copy ability, Balmy is also able to inhale air, then use it to either lighten his balloon-like body- allowing Balmy to float through the air- or release the air in a concussive wind blast. While effective against average enemies, the wind blast is little more than an annoyance to stronger enemies. However, Balmy is capable of inhaling objects and enemies and, rather than gain copying powers from them, can exhale the inhaled object/enemy, sending them flying as a powerful energy projectile.

In addition to Kirby's powers, Balmy was given additional "upgrades" by Eggman. Balmy was imprinted with basic combat, allowing him to defend himself until he can power up with a copy ability. Balmy was also given heightened strategic and tactical capabilities. Because of this, Balmy is capable of fighting opponent's quite effectively, systematically taking them down and switching through powers to land devastating assaults.

Despite all of his capabilities, Balmy is not a perfect clone of the original puffball. For one, for all of his morality Balmy is not pure of heart, due to his artificial origin and Eggman's attempts to program Balmy as a ruthless weapon. While this makes Balmy a more effective warrior in the general sense, the weapons and abilities granted to Kirby by his purity are lost to the clone. Second, Balmy is capable of using Kirby's super inhalation capabilities, but using it takes a great deal more energy for Balmy, and using it repeatedly leaves him totally fatigued.


Due to his original template, Balmy is quite a heroic and kind being, hardly willing to bypass helping someone in need. However, Eggman's imprints and programming have caused Balmy to deviate from Kirby's personality beyond this. Most prominently, Balmy is capable of being much more ruthless in battle and towards enemies. Balmy is also capable of being much more rude and ill-mannered than Kirby. However, Balmy is just as innocent as Kirby; perversity and dirty jokes are completely lost to him.

Balmy is totally and completely mute, and as such he must communicate through various other means. Balmy most often does this by drawing or writing what he wishes to communicate with a drawing pad and pencils that he stores in his own gullet. When he needs to get someone's attention, Balmy will often make a noise with some sort of object in his surroundings, or will simply throw his drawing pad at someone.

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