Bailey Smith is a character set to appear in The Legend of Fox the Brave: Broken Worlds. She is a young Border Collie from Storm Cloud City who fled her home of Storm Cloud City with her friend Maxwell Veschell(a Belgian Malinois) to find the warriors.


Bailey is a young Border Collie with long black fur, white paws, and a white stripe running from her muzzle down to her belly. She has brown eyes, and is noticeably smaller than Max, making her a good bit smaller than Lucky Smith.


Bailey is kind and friendly, and an overall sweetheart. She is a bit shy, but is still willing to speak up if it is needed. She is also shown to be close friends with Max, and it's mentioned she and her parents act as a second family to him.


Bailey was born and raised in Storm Cloud City, and she was close childhood friends with him. When Starline arrived in the city seeking assistance to find the amnesiac Eggman-hiding with the warriors as Mr. Tinker-Max was forced to flee after spying on him. He told Bailey, and she fled with him, fearing that Starline may target her as well. She and Max were secretly helped by Austin Smith, who was spying on Starline his own way, to get away. The big loner also secretly helps them get to the Storming Base, under the guise of pursuing them under Starline's orders.




Maxwell Veschell

Bailey is close friends with Max, and was the one to suggest seeking the warriors after saving Max from the river when they got lost from their home.

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