Badai the Monarch Butterfly

Biographical Information
Age 20
  • Unknown relatives (deceased)
Alias None
Romantic Interests None as of yet
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Monarch Butterfly
  • Fur: Yellow/Orange (from his wings)
  • Hair: None
  • Eyes: Light Yellow
  • Bulletproof vest (which is hidden by his red and yellow T-Shirt
  • Black steel boots
  • Black with faded white jeans
  • White strap that holds his Bow & Arrows
  • White gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Wind Clan
Weaponry Bow & Arrows
  • Flight
  • High intellect
  • High accuracy skill in archery
Super Forms Hurricane Badai
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
AppearancesRP: The Elemental Wars
Original CreatorJMB

Badai the Monarch Butterfly is a member of Wind Clan of Khazri. He specializes in search and rescue efforts and he is a Scout member. Like Ookaze, he is also among the best archer in the WindClan, because he is able to take down enemies, whether on land or airborne.

Physical Description

Badai consists having large colorful wings from his back and wears casual clothing (same as the above), and uses his bow & arrows for precise accuracy. He also wears a bulletproof vest that is hidden behind his shirt, so he can live off against gunshot wounds (unless the bullets are armor-piercing). He also has two large yellow antennas onto his head.


Born Without a Family(?)

When he was only a cocoon (and later born as a baby butterfly), he doesn't remember his family at all, and he was greatly worried that it was unable to find them, unknown if his family and his siblings were either killed or missing. He was completely alone, at the age of 2, until he first met Tatsuma (she was only 4).

Meeting Tatsuma

Badai has met Tatsuma when he was now 3 (and Tatsuma is now 5) and has spent a lot of time with her and the two became best friends. Tatsuma wielded her katana (when she was 10) and Badai wilded his Bow & Arrows (when he was 8). While Tatsuma was great at wielding her katana, Badai, on the other hand, was great with his Bow & Arrows, due to his near-perfect accuracy and stealth killing his enemies.

Joining the WindClan

When Badai was 13 (with tatsuma being 15), he joined the WindClan academy and has shown superior accuracy with his Bow & Arrows, and is tied along Ookaze. Badai thought that Ookaze was his bitter rival, but since he and Ookaze were the same member of the clan, they view each other as friendly rivalries. Since Tatsuma was given as a second-in-command officer by Hurikale, BAdai was given as the 6th Scout member of the WindClan, because of his great agility in flight and speed, but also because of his excellent accuracy in stealth kills and archery.

The Death of Badai's Family (not from WindClan)

Badai wandered off from the WindClan village to find his long lost family. Tatsuma wonders where he is, so she starts looking for him. She found him, but Badai was completely sad, because his family died from a horrifying war (he didn't remembered what happened when he emerged out of the cocoon). However, Tatsuma tells him that since he joined the WindClan (most likely because of his amazing flying abilities and his excellent archery skills), he's also one of their family. Badai also tells her that he's not just her best friend, but also views her as an older sister.

Notable Abilities

Badai can fly and easily reach into space without causing suffocation, and can glide easily without any problems. His bow & arrow can help him use these for sniping accuracy, whether on the ground or in the air, and also uses wind attacks. Here are his abilities:

  • Gust
  • Wind Cutter
  • Close Combat
  • Double Edge
  • Tornado Strike
  • Hurricane Punch
  • Tornado Slash
  • Dive Smash
  • Sky Dive
  • Aeroblast
  • Air Slash
  • Aerial Ace

Bow & Arrows Abilities

  • Double Arrow Shoot
  • Arrow Barrage
  • Wind Arrow
  • Arrow Strike
  • Homing Arrow

Friends & Foes


  • Tatsuma the Spider - He and Tatsuma met each other when they were children and became best friends, before they joined the WindClan, with Tatsuma being the second-in-command and Badai the team Scout member. Badai was the best Scout member, due to his successful efforts of searching and rescuing the injured and his incredible archery skills (matched only by Ookaze the Hedgehog) and Tatsuma was the best second-in-command, due to her amazing agility and her high intellect, when it comes to serving her leader and overcoming dangerous obstacles.
  • Ookaze the Hedgehog -
  • Blackmoon the Hedgehog - Badai and Blackmoon, while they don't socialize much due to Blackmoon's focused attacks on the Trolls, are good friends due to their shared loyalty to Tatsuma and Hurikale.
  • Hurikale the Eagle - Badai is loyal to his leader, most likely because of his soft, but brave personality, and since he specializes in search and rescue efforts, Hurikale promotes him as a scout.


  • Tatsuma the Spider - He and Tatsuma always look out for each other, and he follows Tatsuma's orders (even though he is older than her) and will do whatever he can to get the job done and his words are "failure is not an option".
  • Ookaze the Hedgehog - When it comes to archery, he and Ookaze are evenly matched, since their archery skills are enough to take down enemies from afar.
  • Blackmoon the Hedgehog -
  • Hurikale the Eagle -


  • Ookaze the Hedgehog - Badai considers Ookaze his friendly rival, because they usually show off their archery skills during their training at the WindClan village.


Likes and Dislikes


  • Archery (his favorite hobby, which helps increase his aiming accuracy)
  • His best friend Tatsuma (even though she is highly ranked than him; views Tatsuma as an older sister)
  • Stealth kills (for when he is battling against enemies)


  • Getting critically hurt
  • His best friend Tatsuma (or his fellow WindClan soldiers and his villagers) getting badly hurt
  • Failing a mission

Biggest Fears

  • His friends (including his fellow WindClan soldiers) getting killed
  • Drowning (due to his inability to swim; this occurred when he was 14 years old)


Badai has a brave, but otherwise calm and kind-hearted personality. He isn't afraid to show his bravery by taking down intruders, including enemies, but other than that, he cares deeply for his friends and his villagers, including his leader. He enjoys flying around the skies and is always there to assist his teammates, no matter the risk. When he was a child, he is fun-loving and filled with excitement, before his feelings has been greatly changed when he was 20. Despite that Tatsuma is a second-in-command officer, he still views her as his best friend (even as his older sister).


  • "As a Scout, I can search and rescue the injured from high up in the sky."
  • "Failure is not an option."
  • "Me and Ookaze are great archers when it comes to killing enemies from afar."
  • "Since you are invading the WindClan village, I can end your life in a peaceful manner."
  • "If you do not wish to leave the village without my permission, then you can die in peace."
  • "One shot from my sacred arrow is all its gonna take."


  • Badai is the Malaysian word for "Hurricane".
  • Badai is the only character who is a male butterfly.

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