Babineaux crest
Babineaux family
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Current region

Seaside Hill

Earlier spellings
  • Babin
  • Babineau
Place of origins

Little Metropolis

Notable members
Connected families

Haven Gardens, Sea Gate


A fussy old man; the son of the old woman

"Your father's family were not so rich. But that's why I fell in love with him. He wasn't like all the other men on our family tree. He was different."
Magess to Haven on Halfred.

The Babineaux family is a long line of lower middle-class rabbits that originates from what is now known as Little Metropolis. The only living members of the family are Vanilla, Jonathan, Dragonfly, Butterfly and Cream Babineaux, and Stinkfly Haughter.

The family came into a large amount of money when Halfred Babineaux, last mayor of Grand Metropolis prior to the HEXAeco takeover, married the wealthy Magess Ogmore, who had inherited the family fortunes and the profits of Avery Lament's book Lament's Compendium.

The family home is Haven Gardens outside of Sea Gate, Seaside Hill, which was the namesake of Halfred's daughter, Haven Babineaux. Vellison Island was also under the family's ownership until Cialet Giralson left it to G.U.N. in his will.

Family history


19th century

20th century

21st century


Naming tradition

Within the family, children are typically named according to the following sequence;

  • A first name traditionally chosen by the father
  • A name of one of the child's maternal ancestors, chosen by the mother (as a middle name)
  • The father's surname (as a middle name)
  • The mother's surname (Babineaux; as a surname)

Upon a female Babineaux's marriage, their husband's surname would become their third middle name, though they may choose to use it as part of a hyphenated surname.


Cialet Giralson chose to name his and Haven Babineaux's child "Lauraleine". Haven gave her the first middle name of "Magess", after her mother. Her third name was Cialet's surname ("Giralson"), and her surname was Babineaux, making her "Lauraleine Magess Giralson Babineaux". After her marriage to Ringo Appley, "Appley" became her third middle name ("Lauraleine Magess Giralson Appley Babineaux", or "Lauraleine M.G.A. Babineaux").


Family tree

Halfred Babineaux + Magess Ogmore
           Haven Babineaux + Cialet Giralson
         |                     |                           |
Lauraleine Babineaux     Vanilla Babineaux          Jonathan Babineaux
         +                     |                           +
    Ringo Appley               |                   Hepzibah Limestone
         |                     -----------                 |
    ------------------------             |                 |
    |           |          |             |                 |
Dragonfly   Butterfly   Stinkfly       Cream             Jerome
Babineaux   Babineaux   Haughter     Babineaux     Babineaux-Limestone

Behind the scenes

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