Ba'al the Hedgehog
Baal Hedgehog VoidMaster
A dark red hedgehog with blood red eyes and some dark blonde hair.
A white cloak, some sort of white bodysuit, a piece of fabric wrapped around his head, Black boots, and a mask to cover his mouth.
3 ft. 3 in.
around 80 pounds
Advanced ninja techniques, swordplay, shooting (as in beams of energy from his hands), stealth, secrecy.
"Mesterious Shadow", "Heartless Assasin", "Shinigami Ninja"

Ba'al the Hedgehog is a ninja-like hedgehog and a member of the Void Masters. He uses advanced techniques in battle and is referred to as Heartless Assassin. He hopes to someday find a ninja as strong as himself, just for the fight.


Ba'al keeps to himself. He's does not trust the other Void Masters, nor do they trust him, however Ba'al remains Ookamoni's most trusted assassin and soul gatherer. The only reason he accompanies the other Void Masters on their missions is so he can observe their abilities. He speaks in a sophisticated maner and with little emotion.

After he left the Void Masters, his personality remained relatively unaltered. He served Selenia with the same obedience he gave Ookamoni, however he relenquished his bloodthirsty ways and swore to make up for all the people he killed.


Ba'al is a dark red hedgehog with blood red eyes and some dark blonde hair. As an assassin, he wears a white cloak over some sort of white bodysuit. He also wears black boots and his head is covered in blue bandages. He also wears a mask over his mouth.

He also has a second, disguised form for whenever he needs to spy on someone. In this for he wears a black and white shirt and grey pants. He keeps the same black boots, but the bandages around his head have been moved to his quills. He also has a blue scarf around his neck and looses the mask.


Ba'al's main weapons are his sword, his bombs, and the energy beams he fires from his hands. Most of the power is in this blade and beam however. He can focus multiple beams into one, stronger one (kinda like the Death Star). The blade is also immensely powerful, being able to split the land into large abyss'. However he uses Shadows to his advantage as well. Ba'al can control and morph shadows into physical shapes, using them to trap his enemies or even create weapons out of them. In fact, he can create countless shadow beats from the darkness, which he uses as an attack and as a spying technique. Ba'al also uses gravity as an ability, using it to attack more swiftly and destroy his opponents.



  • I'm not sure if you're capable of redeeming yourself.
  • Sorry, but you need to die.
  • Let me give you a piece of friendly advice: When in the heat of battle, even allies won't hesitate to stab eachother in the back.
  • I've seen yet more of the scope of your abilities.
  • I don't see Master Ookamoni around.
  • It's sad when a man is afraid of the darkness, but nothing less than pathetic when a man fears the light.
  • I will avenge those I killed under your command. Even if my blood too is spilled over the Earth, I will wash theirs off of my hands.


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