Blair the Fennec
December 20th
5 ft. 3 in.
Assassin for hire
Tidy things, money, work
Unclean/untidy things, hospitals

B.B the Fennec is a purple fennec, and works as an assassin. She is known to have a nervous and shy look at first glance, however she is very skilled with weapons such as guns. She is considered a villain in most cases.


B.B is a purple fennec, with green eyes, and short hair. She has a noticeable ahodge on the top of her hair, and is a bit small for the normal fennec size.

She has an overall simple design, consisting of yellow sneakers, a white dress, and a white backpack. On the top of her dress, it forms into a turtleneck, with the neck area being black. She has white gloves, and stores her weapons in her backpack.


Nervous and shy at first, B.B uses a disguise when locating and hunting down her prey. She masks herself with innocence and shyness, and stutters when talking, looking to be always nervous. Her true personality is a greedy one, always looking for a job and some money. B.B’s personality could be described as deceiving, if not greedy. Her overall personality is like the bad qualities of humans: greed and deception.

Strengths and Powers

B.B does not have a super form, and she has no ”magical” powers of any sort. Instead, she has been gifted with the talent of weapons, such as guns. She has an excellent aim, and can work with any gun given to her. One of her flaws is that she isn’t good with hand-to-hand combat, not being fast enough to lay down punches and kicks. Instead, she attacks by swinging her backpack roughly for defense, and bringing out grenades, bombs, and guns from her backpack to attack.


B.B was originally going to be a hedgehog, but realizing that they are often used, I instead turned her into a fennec, not really affecting her design. I wanted her to be a innocent l girl, which is why her age is 16 (Not too old, not too little). I didn’t want her to be completely unable to fight (that would be too similar to Cream), so I gave her the role of an assassin, which her more brutal personality came in.

She didn’t have the best childhood, living in one of the more poor parts of Mobius, and her parents would work all day to pay off bills, shopping, and their jobs, of course. And there were always the sketch people, doing wrong things in the dark parts of Mobius. Since her parents wouldn’t have the time to teach her right and wrong, she wasn’t spoiled, but however she wasn’t exactly considerate either. She had a fine education, but soon because of a sudden move, she was enrolled to a different school, mainly to teach students on becoming future fighters, and teaching them how to defend themselves, and attack. Her body structure wouldn’t let her fight very good physically, hence why she isn’t good at hand-to-hand combat. Later on, she graduated early, good in all of her other classes, and joined an assassin organization.


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Other Appearances


Relationships with Other Characters


Mom-Her and her mom get along well, as she had a good relationship with her. She has fond memories of her.

Dad-Her and her dad aren’t too close, but they didn’t hate each other. They often got along well.



Fun Facts

Her name stands for Bullet Blair, a nickname she earned because of her skills with guns.

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