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B is a 5 feet tall. His color is "Black" and the name B came from the color Black. B looks like a Black snake standing. He has no feet and arms and has no eyes, mouth, ears and nose but has a head and a tail.


B is kind, lonley and sometimes angry. He likes to eat meat and fish, he sometimes go to the city and just battles evil guys. He likes pizza and loves to jump on buildings. B loves to solve mysteries and explore the world, finding monsters and doing adventurous things.


In 2009 there was a bomb explosion, and it created a creature. The army was curious but B showed himself and made friends with the humans. The general kept him as a pet to battle bad guys and super villains. He has his own movies called: B 2009, B the movie (2010) , B 2011, B 2012, B 2013, B 2014 and the latest B 2015. He also has a clone name 2 but died in a battle.

Special Abilities

B is probably a unique monster. He can smell with out nose, can see without eyes, can talk without a mouth and can eat, can hear without ears and can run without feet. He can also hold objects without arms. B often uses his tail to battle and jump high.



B learned how to dig when he was saving a bus that has a bumb inside it. He took the bomb and he learned that when he bumps the ground he can dig.


B has no feet but he can jump when he was born.

Tail slap

B used his tail in fight when eggman's drones attacked him and the pteridactle-bot charged to him but got destroyed in 3 seconds by B's tail.


  1. M16: B gets weaker if M16's hit him. Although M16's can kill B if multiple people are using it.
  2. Grenade launchers: He almost died when he got hit by 3 grenade launchers. He died in his movie back in 2009 because 6 grenade launchers killed him.


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