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Cquote1 "Just because Im a girl doesn't mean I can fight and win." Cquote2
Azure the Squirrel


Azure has tawny brown fur with a lighter brown muzzle and russet hair. She has bright blue eyes. She wears a navy blue longsleeved vest with the sleeves rolled up, a black leotard underneath, navy blue knee-high boots, aquamarine fingerless gloves, socks, and belt, and a black bracelet that has a strange seal on it.


Azure is a tough cookie with a kind heart at her core. She loves a good fight between her and the bad guys, and maintains a relatively cool attitude while doing it. However, she doesn't like fights between her friends. Azure always believes that good can triumph over evil eventually, but is a down to earth person like Shimmer and knows that she can't always win right away. Azure is also very smart, and likes analyzing things. She will also occasionally help Midnight invent things, and helped him design the complex supercomputer and security system in their home in Crisis City. She also tries to be the leader of the team when Shimmer is gone, and does a good job of doing it. At times she may be a bit reckless, but overall she is a responsible person and quite trustworthy. Azure doesn't like when people think their "all hot stuff" as she says, and try to challenge her to fight for something stupid and in her opinion, time wasting. Azure stands her ground on her opinions and listens to facts, making her a hard person to trick. She is very kind to others when she knows they need it.


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Azure's parents are unknown, but she is a distant descendant of Sally Acorn, hence the last name and appearance. While she is royalty, she didn't know until meeting Sally, and still doesn't act much like it. Azure has no other known relatives.


Azure doesn't possess any offensive powers; however, she does have an immunity to fire, strangely.


Azure has enhanced reflexes and is a very powerful fighter. She can see well in the dark like her other teammates.


Azure is naturally skilled in combat, and mainly relies on tactics and brains during a fight. She also has enhanced reflexes.


Azure only has two notable super forms. These are Super Azure and Dark Azure. Super Azure is formed when Azure has all seven Chaos Emeralds. This form multiplies her natural abilities by 20%. Azure transforms into Dark Azure when she gets very angry and absorbs dark energy.


Azure's recklessness and willingness to fight will sometimes get in the way of her strong sense of logic.

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