Azreal's material form


Azreal has bound himself with a being from our world. He comes from the lowest layer of hell residing above Lucifer's chamber in the circle of betrayal. He is about 5,6 and appears to be the same as his host dose except his eyes have red irises. (I am aware the drawing is abysmal)

He can not die unless he is killed outside of his host. He will only leave the body of the host if an exorcism is preformed which would be difficult if you did not plan ahead. If he is killed in his material form on the plane of the living he will simply be banished back to the abyss for 5 years before being able to return. IF HOWEVER he is killed in hell he will be dead PERMANENTLY. His spirit will go to the flames with the souls of the damned to be tortured forever and he cant escape.

I digress anyway! Azreal's demon form is clad in thick hardened armor forged of Cobalt mined from the depths of hell. He Has large horns that curl around and are ridged with spikes facing outward lining the edge of his horns.He has pentagrams of both kinds engraved into the chest piece of his armor. He also dose not have any legs and levitates instead of walks. He dose not have limitations of flight though so he can basically fly.


He will try to emulate the host as much as possible but is normally an egotistical asshole. He will taunt and mock everyone weather during combat or just in conversation. He sees our world as a mere playground for his destruction. He is chaos in it's purest form... His only desire is to watch the world burn as the fires of hell! Azreal, Being a being of pure chaos is basically a psychopath. He has no empathy and no love in his heart. All he desires is to kill or enslave any living thing!


"Your soul is mine!"

"Liberate te ex inferis! " (Latin for "Save yourselves from hell")

"Ill swallow your soul mortal!"

"Run, Run as fast as you can... Ill catch you."

"You shall burn!"

"You mortals always are just the most interesting creatures... Oh well. It dose not matter. Your going to burn anyway"

"Pedicabo ego vos et morietur" (Latin for "Fuck you and die")

"I'm going to cut you to pieces"

"Oh I like you... I'm going to watch you burn!"


He was one of the first fallen angels to be cast into hell along with Lucifer. He has taken control of the 2nd lowest layer of the demonic abyss. He has resided there until now. He left hell to cause chaos and bring more souls to hell. He guards the entrance to the 9th circle of hell. No mortal has gotten past him except Dante.

The blade of Azreal

This blade is Azreals preferred weapon when fighting. It's a long sword forged in the fires of hell. It is engraved with runes which give the blade great power such as causing horrendous burn wounds and Shoot fire from the blade.

This blade if touched by a mortal will cause them to become obsessed with it and eventually go mad. It causes feelings of greed. You feel the need to keep this blade with you. The longer your exposed to it's effect the worse the effect gets to the point where you have killed everyone around you because you don't want them to have the blade. If two people touch the blade they will fight to the death over it.


He can do the fallowing

- Use black magic such as                                                                                                                                                                          - Curses and other spells like summoning lesser demons and bringing forth walls of fire                          

- Claws

- Blade of Azreal : This blade is forged of the very flames of hell and can cut through anything.


Azreal is pretty much indestructible. 

He has unlimited stamina and wont run out of breath.

He also has immeasurable strength. He can pick up cars, trucks and take bullets from high caliber weapons.

If he has a chaos emerald he can use it's power to summon a greater demon like Azazel or Baphomet or if he has all 7 he can summon up Satan into our realm for a day before Satan must return to the abyss. He can also use all 7 chaos emeralds to use as a magic booster allowing him to use more powerful spells like invisibility, Charm person, PK, Mind control (Cannot cause character to kill themselves),


Azreal can summon up balls of fire to throw at an enemy. He can also summon up a curse of rot and cause the enemy afflicted to be rotted to death. He can also tear a person's soul out if he has 1 chaos emerald


The only weaknesses Azreal has is from holy items such as

- A crucifix.

- Holy water.

- Magical symbols (Devils trap, Enochian symbols .etc)

- Bullets inscribed with a devils trap.

Theme song

Them song is HELL AWAITS by Slayer


I recommend not wearing headphones during this song

Thrash Metal

Album: Hell Awaits

Artist: Slayer

Released: March 1985


Existing on damnation's edge

The priest had never known

To witness such a violent show

Of power overthrown

Angels fighting aimlessly

Still dying by the sword

Our legions killing all in sight

To get the one called Lord

The Gates of Hell lie waiting as you see

There's no price to pay just follow me

I can take your lost soul from the grave

Jesus knows your soul can not be saved

Crucify the so called Lord

He soon shall fall to me

Your souls are damned your God has fell

To slave for me eternally

Hell awaits...

The Reaper guard's the darkened Gates

That Satan calls his home

Demons feed the furnace where

The Dead are free to roam

Lonely children of the night

There's seven ways to go

Each leading to the burning hole

The Lucifer controls

Priests of Hades seek the sacred star

Satan sees the answer lies not far

Zombies screaming souls cry out to you

Satanic laws prevail your life is through

Pray to the moon... when it is round

Death with you shall then abound

What you seek... for can't be found

In sea or sky or underground

[Lead - Hanneman]

Now I have you deep inside my everlasting grasp

The seven bloody Gates of Hell

Is where you'll live your last

Warriors from Hell's Domain

Will bring you to your Death

The flames of Hades burning strong

Your soul shall never rest

The Gates of Hell lie waiting as you see

There's no price to pay just follow me

I can take your lost soul from the grave

Jesus knows your soul can not be saved

Sacrifice the lives of all I know they

Soon shall die

Their souls are damned to rot in Hell

and keep the fire growing deep inside

Hell awaits...

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