Cquote1.png This is exactly why you lost! This is exactly why you condemned us all to fight this- no, your war! This is why every single one of us has suffered at both the hands of Doctor Eggman and Infinite. You don't think. You! You don't think. That's the problem. Cquote2.png
Azrail chewing Sonic out for his arrogance

Azrail Trineer is a male Mobian wolf, thirty-four years of age and the sole survivor of Infinite's attack on Mobotropolis. He makes his official debut in the upcoming novel Sonic Forces: World's Edge, which will be published alongside a graphic novel of the same name. He is voiced by the British actor Dominic Keating.

Concept & Creation

I've been sick over the past few days, so as a get-well gift to me (and a way to get me slightly peeved at the same time), my friend Alicia drew me a picture of the Avatar she had created when playing Sonic Forces. Ironically enough, said Avatar looked an awful lot like Lt. Malcolm Reed, my favourite character from Star Trek: Enterprise. So instead of hating the Avatar, I fell in love with the character instantly. I asked Alicia to draw me another picture, but with a few changes (and I tell you, she practically squealed when I asked.)

Meanwhile I worked on both the development of this character and one of my oneshots (for another fandom). I did some research on the Sonic Forces game, watched the cutscenes, etc. I actually liked the concept of the game, but I felt that said concept had been very poorly executed in terms of the story. It seemed too flat. No mention of what happened to Sonic during his imprisonment. And the characters overall just felt bland, to put it bluntly. So, I have taken it upon myself to try and fix all of that- starting with the creation and development of Azrail.

Let the revamping begin.




Azrail tends to keep to himself, often turning down the offer for company in favour of being by himself. He has been known to sometimes (yet rarely) make exceptions when it comes to Tails, who is the only person who Azrail trusts, let alone actually considers a friend. Ironically, although Sonic is Tails' best friend, Azrail has little faith in the hedgehog and is even suspicious of him for most of Sonic Forces: World's Edge. 

In spite of his closed-off attitude, Azrail can be very outspoken about his opinion and becomes irritated when ignored. He also has an aggressive streak- of which Sonic had the unfortunate honour of experiencing during their first official mission together when the hedgehog criticized him for "thinking too much." Azrail has also been known to have a sarcastic (and sometimes even dark) sense of humour- his jokes often biting and sometimes cruel.

This attitude is in actuality a front. Azrail has a more sensitive side to him, which he prefers to conceal for fear of losing more people that he cares about. He has a strong attachment to Tails and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the two-tailed fox from harm. 

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  • Miles "Tails" Prower- Azrail tends to view Tails as a son of sorts, as well as the yang to his yin. The two-tailed fox is one of the few people that Azrail truly considers a friend. //More TBA//


  • Sonic the Hedgehog- //TBA//

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  • Infinite- //TBA//
  • Doctor Eggman- //TBA//

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Physical Appearance

Azrail is a male Mobian wolf covered from head to toe in auburn fur splashed with white markings. His muzzle and the insides of his ears are both a pale shade of cyan. He stands at about 4ft 5in. His body, while lean, is moderately muscular (especially so with his upper body.) Azrail's right eye is a steely grey- but it can appear blue in some lighting. His left eye, however, is missing- a black eyepatch in its place. Small yet deep scars stick out from underneath said eyepatch. Azrail's tail is smaller than that of most wolves, and is smooth and well-groomed.


Azrail wears a small black headset equipped with a microphone- the headset itself is set on the left side of his head. He wears a steel metal chain around his neck and a dark grey shoulder-pad around his right shoulder. He also wears cream coloured fingerless gloves with red and grey trim. One of said gloves is equipped with a green touchpad that is capable of multiple functions, including the deployment of his Grappling Hook. Azrail wears a scabbard around his waist which houses his sword, the Reaper's Cutlass. Finally, he wears knee-high cyan boots with slight heels on the bottoms.

Skills & Abilities




Weapons & Equipment

  • The Reaper's Cutlass- An ancient cutlass created a millennium ago by a blacksmith whose name is forgotten, this sword has had many owners since its birth. Eventually it fell into the hands of Azrail, having been passed down to him from his mother. Its powers remain unknown, but it is a serviceable weapon and is constructed of an alloy that can cut through the armour of most of Eggman's robotic henchmen. Mysteriously enough, the Reaper's Cutlass seems to react when in close contact with a Phantom Ruby. Its complete effects are currently unknown, but the cutlass' blade glows a soft red when in close proximity to these jewels, an indication that these two items are clearly connected in some way. 
  • Grappling Hook- A device that can latch onto most surfaces, allowing Azrail to better traverse his environment. It is also an effective tool to use to grab enemies and draw them in closer for a melee attack. Like the Reaper's Cutlass, the Grappling Hook was passed down to him. It has received extensive modifications over the years- first being installed in one of Azrail's gloves, which was then equipped with a touchscreen display with a multitude of functions.
  • Touchscreen Database- TBA
  • Hover Wispon- Azrail obtained his Hover Wispon when he first joined the Resistance. Originally it had very few capabilities, only being able to literally blow enemies up to a certain distance and allow him to hover for a short time, but was upgraded over time. Its additional functions include sucking up medium sized objects in the area (such as a crate, for instance) and using them as projectiles, slightly extended hovering time, and fingerprint authentication software (meaning that only Azrail or another authorised person can use his Wispon.)

Other Quotes

"Two of you? Two Sonics... one Mobius. Lovely. Just lovely."- Azrail upon meeting Classic Sonic for the first time


"I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but I think you might have a stalker." - Azrail pointing out the fact that Amy is following Sonic everywhere


"Just because he's your friend doesn't mean he has to be mine. We work well as allies. The concept that there should be anything more between us is..."


"Unthinkable."- Azrail and Tails discussing Sonic


"He doesn't look like much."

"... um, what?..." - Charmy and Azrail upon meeting each other


"I should've done something to stop them... I could have stopped them, if I really tried."

"Tails. You're just a kid. It wasn't your fault. If anything, you should never have been dragged into this war in the first place... none of us should have." - Azrail and Tails, discussing Sonic's capture



  • The name "Azrail" means "Angel of Death," a clear reference to the Enterprise episode "Shuttlepod One."
  • "Trineer" is a slightly altered spelling of "Trinneer," which is the surname of the actor Connor Trinneer.
  • Azrail is clearly based on Lt. Malcolm Reed from Star Trek: Enterprise. However, unlike Reed, Azrail is much less trusting of his fellow rebels and tends to have a more serious demeanour.
    • Also, while Reed is usually very pleasant to be around, most people prefer to give Azrail a wide berth due to his aggressive demeanour.
    • In addition, Azrail is voiced by Dominic Keating, who played Lt. Reed on Enterprise.
  • Despite his Eurasian heritage, Azrail has a vehement hatred of tea. He also dislikes coffee. However, he has been known to drink hot cocoa with mini marshmallows (because everything is better with marshmallows.)
    • This is both because I happen to enjoy hot cocoa with marshmallows and to break the stereotype of the "English guy who drinks tea all the time." (Let's face it, not everyone in Britain is going to like tea.)
  • It is unknown how Azrail lost his eye, but the scars lining the patch that covers where it once was look like they were cuts made by a knife or dagger. This indicates that it may have been removed during one of the few times he had been captured and tortured by Eggman's forces.


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