Azrael is a regular coloured Giratina with Black hair.He wears a white dress-shirt under a navy blue jacket,the jacket has a dark red frill with a violet-red jewel under it,navy blue pants,and black dress-shoes.


Azrael is a quirky and kind Mobian Giratina.When he was younger he yearned to have a family,since he had none.He keeps his wife,Rosadiya and Katelyn close to him since he considers them family.Azrael is also prone to get highly curious and sometimes it gets the best of him.He hates when wife flirts with other guys,but stays by her side because he is loyal.


Azrael does not remember how he came to be.He grew up alone and often wished he had a family.He eventually found a place for Mobianised Pokemon,called the Thief Kingdom.There he met his wife,Rosadiya,and became smitten with her personality and leadership.She had returned feelings for him as well.The two went on many dates and would end up getting married.Rosadiya,one night,came home with a Mobian Munchlax,named Katelyn,and said that she was their new child.Azrael was excited at the thought of having a daughter and often became protective of the girl.Azrael currently resides in the Thief Kingdom,often helping out his wife.


Rosadiya the Treecko(Best Friend/Wife)

Tsukuru the Regigigas(Close Friend)

Triton the Genesect(Friend)

Katelyn the Munchlax(Close Friend/Like a Daughter)

Cronus the Dialga(Friend)

Maya the Palkia(Friend)

Hilda the Sheep(Aquantint)


Tusk the Bullno(Aquantint)

Marco the Kelecon(Aquantint)

Millie the Miltank(Aquantint)


(None as of yet)


King Authurius Logans(Enemy)


Azrael's only weapon is a scythe

Azrael is prone to get curious

Being a Ghost/Dragon,Azrael is weak to Ice tyes and Fairy types.

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