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This is an article about Azmaria the Hedgehog, a character created by Disco the Hedgefox on 6/22/2013.

Cquote1.png My friends are important to me and i had to help them to save the world no matter what. i had to keep training. Cquote2.png
Azmaria the Hedgehog

Azmaria the Hedgehog is a anthropomorphic Mobian hedgehog who was born and created in a stasis pod by Madoka the light and go on adventures with Disco and Sonny mostly. Azmaria always there to help her friends risking her safely to stop a major threat and foes like Dr. Eggman in any kind of situation she is in. She also has healing powers and barrier skills to help out where needed.


Azmaria is a anthropomorphic Hedgehog who has one bangs on her forehead and long gray hair in the back close to her legs, light red eyes, a small black nose, a small tail and peach skin on her muzzle and arms.

For attire, she wears a white shirt with off shoulder sleeves and a green skirt that has a zipper on the right. She also wears a blue beret that has a gold cross on it in the middle and blue Mary Jane boots.

In her casual outfit, she wears a flower on the left side on her hair. She also wears a purple jacket outside of a green shirt with a dark blue skirt and she wears a light blue sandals with straps on top of her feet.

In her prehistoric outfit, she consists of a V-neck, sleeveless and short navy blue dress. The dress is tied with a brown belt with gold buckle in the middle and comes completely barefoot.

After the plant monster mutated her in the cocoon, she is now a half-plant-hybrid who has light green skin, dark green fur and hair around her body and with a blue flower on her head.

Depending on the adventure and circumstances, she also has worn many different outfits.

When using her powers, purple ether lines can be seen running through her body.


Azmaria is sweet, honest, friendly, optimistic, caring, playful, polite, and kind girl. Azmaria is always honest and cares so much about her friends witch makes her have more respect of her friends. 

Like Disco and Sonny, she loves to go on adventures with them by exploring the outside world for herself and is always eager to bravely for her to be ready for the next one. Azmaria is scared of ghosts, zombies, and bats, because every time she sees them she gets very scared and she is to afraid to complete her fears as of yet. She also has a crush on Arrow the Hedgehog after saving her from getting chase by wolves in the forest. Every time arrow gets too close to her or around her, she started blushing.

5 favorite people that she cares and love mostly about are Madoka, Disco, Arrow, Bianca and Joshua and she will do anything she can to help her friends even if that means risking her own safety in order to help them in any situations she is in. However, She has not yet to discover her true potential of what she can actually accomplish.

Azmaria has become a bit mature then she ever was after she and her friends save the whole city from destruction by Phantom's army.

Azmaria is shown to be more polite when she meets new people and make new friends on her journey. Because of her appearance and her personality, she can be a bit naive and simple-mind headed at times even on her adventures as well. As such, she sometimes can get wrapped up in other people's problems and situations she is in, but she doesn't like when friends fight a lot and argue. But, she gets angry at one of her friends at times for them not getting along.

Azmaria loves being happy and seeing other people and mobians the same way that she feels, and hates seeing others sad mostly.

Azmaria is the one who enjoys the simpler things in life and loves spending most of her time outdoors playing with her friends, hang out with them, cooks for them or going to the beach, but she is a very clumsy person and has a mind of a 10 year old.


Azmaria is immortality and doesn't age like most characters do. However, She has a body of a 15 year old due to her height and remained that height since.


Azmaria has many outfits and she change them in the Disco Series. She always wears her modern outfit in most of the Disco Series episodes.


Azmaria was created by Madoka 3 years ago in a stasis pod. Later on, She made some friends and starts to hang out with them. However, Azmaria help her friends on Adventures when they are in battle and try to find the Astro emerald.

Azmaria tries to protect her friends from getting hurt badly. Her worse deep fear is being alone in the dark without her friends around. She always sleep by herself in her room but she sometimes don't because she sometimes sleep in one of her friends room like Joshua and Madoka when she said she scare being alone by herself sometimes. She sometimes has a bad dream where her friends are killed and she's all alone in the world without her friends. She don't like losing her close friends because she cares so much about them. The best thing she likes to do is hang out with her friends and go on Adventures most of the time in her free time and find the Astro Emeralds.

Azmaria does not like to argue with her friends, and any other people. She never gets mad at her friends because she always cares about disco, arrow, jin, and others.

Powers & Abilities 

While not having any superpowers as such, Azmaria developed a strange power that is the healing technique that she can used it to heal others and her friends from any injuries witch can only take 8 minutes to heal others. However, her healing powers is not mend to heal herself including broken bones and removing any poison in a person's body.

Azmaria has another ability witch is a defense moved and can create a barrier in her hands and let it surround her and her friends at all times from any medium attacks and projectiles. However, She can also used the barrier on her foes as well by reflect any projectiles that hit it back at the enemy inside the dome. She can't hold the barrier much long and it can cause it to disappear for using it too long.

She also learns close combat from Jin during her training and want to teach her how to fight her enemies in close range.


Bianca The Hedgehog

Bianca is Azmaria's best friend and they almost share a sisterly relationship for each other. Azmaria was good to Bianca and they each never argue with each other. They hang out most of the time. However, Bianca sometimes tease Azmaria for her crush on arrow and try to get them together. Azmaria will always be on Bianca's side and she will do anything to protect her at all cost. Between the two, they share a bond between each other.

Azmaria With Bianca at the mall.

Arrow The Hedgehog (Love Interest)

When Azmaria got ceased by wolves 2 years ago in the woods at night, she was really scared of getting hurt by wolves. Suddenly, once she runs away far enough to lose them, she sprained her ankle and was surrounded by wolves who tried to kill her. Later, Arrow came to the rescue, and took care of the wolves by hurting one of them. Arrow took care of Azmaria and see her ankle was bad. He decided to take her home and make it better again. Later on, Azmaria develops a crush on Arrow and she is too afraid to admit her love for him. She blushes every time when Arrow gets too close to her. Bianca knows about Azmaria's crush and it was brought up by her and she sometime's tease Azmaria for it. However, She hasn't confess her love for him as of yet.

Madoka The Light

Madoka is the mother of Azmaria and she treats her like a beautiful princess everyday. Madoka never argue with Azmaria and she never lies to her. However, She considers Azmaria as her daughter. Azmaria is always defended by Madoka for certain crisis by Shiny bullying her and mess with her. Madoka don't like him being lazy around her house all the time.

Disco The HedgeFox

Azmaria has a good friendship with Disco, and she really cares about him deeply. She goes on adventures with Disco and Sonny most of the time. Azmaria was killed by Veronica the hedgehog who was a assassin and later she was resurrected by Disco when he gather seven astro emeralds to bring her back to life and she hugs him for it.

Sonny The Fox

Azmaria has a good friendship with Sonny. However, she also cares about him deeply like Disco.

Joshua The Wolf

After Azmaria met Joshua, He treats Azmaria very well and they get along very well due to there great friendship with each other. Joshua realize that Azmaria is like a sister to him after he saves her a few times from certain death by Dr.Eggman and others. Azmaria don't argue with Joshua and he promise that he will protect her no matter what happens.

Chloe The Hedgefox

Chloe has a great friendship with Azmaria and her friend Rachel the Chao. However, she doesn't like when Azmaria gets her feelings hurt when anyone don't like her cooking and insults her badly.

Genie The HedgeFox

After they start hanging out together, they are bestest friends and have a close friendship together.

Cresslia The Wolf

Azmaria has a good friendship with Cresselia and they both seems to be on good terms with each other.

Ice Crystal

Ice Crystal is a friend of Azmaria and both of them can hang out with each at the mall along with Bianca. Both of them seems to on good term. However, Ice Crystal threaten to freeze anyone sometimes who tries to bully Azmaria and Bianca.

Silica The Human

After meeting each other somewhere in the world, Silica befriended Azmaria and both of them are good terms with each other.

GothAnne The Vampire Wolf

Azmaria met GothAnne in the woods and they both to seem to be getting along well. However, due to her being a vampire, she was planning to turn Azmaria in to a vampire but later on, she decided not to because she realize Azmaria has a true heart of friendship.

Zax The Firehog



  • Despite her being afraid of zombies, bats and ghost which can terrified her, Azmaria has yet to face her fears.
  • She is extremely ticklish on her stomach and feet.


"I don't know what should i do to help my friends. i'm useless."
—When she can't do anything to help her friends.
"U-um Arrow. I...i...sorry..i...have to go."
—She blushes when Arrow gets to close to her.
"Cooking for my friends is really fun."
—She always cooks for her friends.
"I guess no one wants to play with me."
—When she is sad that no one can't play with her.
"What is this place. it feels like where in a huge room."
—When her, Rachel and there friends in a mysterious location.
"I love you Madoka. I don't care what anyone says. Alien or not. You still be my mother."
—When she hugs her and find out that Madoka is a alien.
"You guys want to grab something to eat together?."
—When she ask her friends gets something to eat at the beach.
"Sure. i love adventures Disco."
—When she is ready to go on a next adventure.
"Hey stop. That tickles"
—When Azmaria getting her feet tickled.
"Um Bianca, uh i'm not sure if i'll be able to u-um ask him out."
—When Azmaria blushes and tell Bianca she is not sure if she wants to go out with Arrow.
"Hold on Joshua, let me heal you."
—She used her healing powers to heal Joshua.
"I'll try to keep the emerald safe and sound from Eggman."
—She is telling her friends that she will try to keep the Astro emerald safe from Eggman.
"AHH!! Joshua help me."
—When she got capture by a plant monster.
"I'm ok Joshua, but one of my boots just slip off. I had to escape from the plant mother who almost got me and Rachel."
—She tell Joshua that she escape from the plant monster after one of her boots slips off her foot.
"AH! it got my leg. Help me Joshua."
—Her leg was grab by the plant monster by one of his vines.
"Its ok Joshua. Those are the only pair of boots I have. Both of them did slip off my foot even so that plant monster vines are so slippery. I can't believe he capture me just to had my life force for some reason."
—She tells Joshua that the plant monster wanted her life force.


  • Azmaria name is base on the anime character Azmaria Hendric from the anime series, Chrono Crusade.
  • Her name was intended to be called Marie, but later it was changed to Azmaria instead.
  • Azmaria loves telling the truth all the time. 
  • Azmaria is the only character who has light red eyes instead of the original.
  • She is very clumsy when she trip over stuff and knock stuff down by accident.
  • Azmaria finally got angry for the first time in Disco Series Save Christmas 2-2 [1]
  • Azmaria is extremely ticklish,
  • Azmaria doesn't like to wear makeup.
  • She has a bad nightmare about her friends getting killed by evil villains and she was left alone by herself. It has been revealed that she is scared of dying.
  • The modern outfit that she wear makes her look a bit older.
  • Azmaria almost has a body of a woman, but she still has the body height of a little girl due to her appearance.
  • in the Disco Series, a few boys who was friends with her has a crush on her due to her beauty and her kindness.
  • Azmaria is the first person to have a bunch of different outfits she wears in the Disco series. The second person is Madoka The Light.
  • Azmaria likes to make cookies and muffins sometimes.
  • Her outfit is almost identical to the anime character, Azmaria. The outfit inspiration came from the anime series.
  • Azmaria is one of the few Sonic FC characters to depicted with humanoid toes on her feet in the Disco universe. However, In Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails and Sonic feet are seen on screen while relaxing on the beach in the episode The Last Resort. In Sonic Underground cartoon series The Big Melt episode, Sonic, Manic and Sonia have 5 toes on there feet humanoid ones while they are enjoying a day off on the beach. In Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics, some Sonic characters like Sonic, Tails, Tikal and Lien-Da in the series have there humanoid feet shown from another comic issue. This makes the only time Sonic characters in TV and Comics be completely barefoot on screen.
  • According to Bianca the Hedgehog, Azmaria is almost the same height as her.
  • She is the very first character overall to wear a headwear on her head. The second is Yuki who also wears a headwear as both of them wears berets.
  • Azmaria sometimes meditate with Jin in the training room with a different outfit and lets her concentrate on her powers more.
  • According to Joshua the Dark, he believes that Azmaria is going to be a teacher one day after he over heard her conversation with Bianca. He also believe that she might end up being a teacher at some high school witch she might get treated by some bad students possibly. Joshua wants her to be a teacher at some elementary school one day and be a perfect fit for a teacher over there. Since Azmaria confirmed that she wants to be a teacher someday, it is currently unknown why she wants to be a teacher.
  • In her original outfit witch is pink instead of green and blue, the tip of back of her long hair have a ramp on it instead of going down her back side without a ramp. However, in late 2017, this was later fixed after Azmaria received a new outfit design witch is a modern outfit and her appearance and her eye color still remains.
  • She has not received a Sonic channel artwork as of yet.
  • Azmaria was intended have the same second hairstyle as Orihime Inoue in Bleach Manga and Anime series in post timeskip with naturally frame bangs. However, sonicgalaxy27 dropped the idea.


Azmaria's Theme


Azmaria's New Theme