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Azima is a terrestrial planet home to many forms of life. It encompasses Minato Arisato00's, TheSkullWolf's, and HauntedAlchemist's universe.

Continents and Countries


Though isolated from much of the other landmasses, Archaven is an overall united continent and country, but does possess a long history of infighting and governmental reform. However, it is an impressive powerhouse on the planet, and is currently being run by the newly introduced Valwynn, a community that descended from another former governmental group. Archavians are predominantly warmblooded animals, namely mammals, as the colder weather makes the country unfavorable to others.

Abaekon Kingdom

A kingdom founded in Archaven's surrounding waters, it possesses a unique system and it's residents are separated into two groups: outsiders and enclave members. The Enclave (the government) and it's members takes full priority, and live in a separate district from the outsiders in which they aren't typically allowed to leave. The outsiders are members that are still under the government's control but don't live a life of luxury.

The Abyss

Run by mobs and gangs, The Abyss is where any unwanted Abaekon members are tossed. Though it was once part of the kingdom, Abaekon has surrendered it as it was too much to maintain and be responsible for. It is largely a pirate state, meaning an area free of religion, government, and authority making it highly dangerous. Many of those thrown to The Abyss are beaten to death within seconds of arrival in order to be robbed of any valuables.


A small tropical island that is nationally protected. Though it's small and difficult to see on a map, it's well known in several countries due to it's diversity and unique environment. The rivers that flood in the area force it's land dwelling residents to live in literal tree houses.


Xeloreus is composed of numerous kingdoms that divides the continent, the most influential being the Big Three, though it does possess a national council. The rest of the planet does considers them to be behind, but it is rather successful as a whole. They encourage traditional values but at the same time pushes to keep up with the more modern world. Firearms are prohibited in Xeloreus, the only members having access is the military.


Mavenland is a power continent/country to the far north east of Azima. It is roughly the size of real world Russia and bordered by island country, Oris. Mavenland is a technological continent full of developing states like its capital Hordaiquan, Mavenland's largest city-state. The continent is also home to Speuder, Keaton Vill, and Arong Harbor. While much of Mavenland is urban cities, most of the environment includes of mountainous terrain and forestation. Mavenland is plagued with crime and governmental corruption, as the land is largely owned by a war mongering king known as Lord Vendrake. Mavenland is a huge partner and trade supporting ally of Archaven, the two countries have leaders whom often negotiate in private about their ordeals.


Matai-Mobi is an elemental island/country discovered by great explorer Ridas Huo on his global trot of Azima. The island is located on the far south east of Azima and is home to people of elemental culture. It is roughly the size of real world Austrailia. The island is split into six different states/tribes Igna-Tribu (Fire tribe), Luft-Tribu (Air tribe), Vatten-Tribu (Water tribe), Sten-Tribu (Stone-Tribe), Terre-Tribu (Earth tribe), and the independent Hielo-Tribu (Ice tribe). Being a country mostly primitive, its people use their technologies to communicate and travel between each other. The five main tribes share a military, whereas Hielo-Tribu has its own government and military due to its seperation after the War of Burning Ice. The island is known for being religious and very xenophobic to outsiders.

The Fridge

An artificially created land of ice located at the very south of Azima. This Fridge was created as a weapon by a group of powerful ice users who plan to it to reshape the planet as they see fit. This arctic weapon continues to grow more and more each year.


Lantern Dust Desert

Arasia Coast

Located at the southern end of Oris, Arasia Coast is home to Oris' most powerful kingdom under the Daviau family. The Daviau family are a bunch of strong theists whom run completely off their religion, making Arasia Coast a very odd area politically and socially. It is also home to Mt. Gutter, a horrible place of psychological profiling and testing. Much of Arasia Coast is like a contemporary medieval environment, full of technological prowess with a sense of the old world. Arasia Coast is currently led by Vrai the Fox, a self-proclaimed messiah who looks to convert the world to his agendas.

Odium Valley

Located at the westward point of Oris, directly above Arasia Coast to the right of Slevka and below Algus. Odium is home to the darker parts of Oris. It is a location full of the occult, filled with gothic architechture and amazing building structures, it is considered the second powerhouse of Oris. Odium is under the power of the Arcanus family, a family run by occultist vampires. The Nox manor is one of the oldest structures in Oris and it is rumored to be a dangerous home full of spirits and dark lore to it. Odium Valley is at odds with Arasia Coast over political and social issues with each other due to religion and family rivals running both countries. It is currently under heavy surveillance by Vrai and his cult, with Odium possibly getting into a full-fledged war with Arasia Coast.


Military Alliances

Archaven and the Abaekon Kingdom

The two governments made an official agreement to stay out of each other's businesses aside from military related issues, particularly if they themselves are invaded as they share the same home. This also discourages other countries from declaring war on either of them.

Economic Partners

Archaven and Mavenland

They work well together economically, with both making much of it's income off of trade, and diplomatically they get along as they share similar perceptions.



Odium & Arasia

Odium Valley and Arasia Coast are two landmasses of Oris currently under a cold war of sorts with the two countries getting closer and closer to war. Odium Valley has more open interpretations of religion and prefers the dark occultism of the world, feeling that the lies spread by the Daviau family will lead to Oris' demise. The Arcanus family of Odium Valley hate the Daviau family (and vice versa) and have been at war for centuries. Now that both families control sectors of Oris, and are quickly trying to take over each other subtley.

Hielo-Tribu & Igna-Tribu

Once these two tribes were in harmony amongst the island of Matai-Mobi. They worked in unison as their leaders Helada and Ridas were great friends, to the point where the considered each other as brothers. They were the two super powers of Matai-Mobi, as together they held the strongest militaries and had great growth in their tribes. Things fell apart after Helada lost his two children in a vicious storm that had caused an avalanche, the thought of his children being dead drove Helada insane.

He ended becoming a dictator of sorts in his homeland, converting the once free nature of Hielo-Tribu into one of communistic proportions. He argued that his way of life was best for the island and stared enforcing rules across the island, this caused great tension between Helada and Ridas. Ridas innevitably kicked Helada from the board of leaders, which caused the invasion of Igna-Tribu. This led to a bloody war known as the War of Burning-Ice. Igna-Tribu was victorious with the defeat and assassination of Helada, thus causing Hielo-Tribu to detonate charges at the side of its borders to seperate itself from the rest of Matai-Mobi. 

Alternate Universes

Fractured Universe

A single member of the underground rebel group The Codex chooses to join the criminal organization known as the Nazar, who's allied with the corrupt government. This is enough to tip the balance in the Nazar's favor, and soon enough, they have all of Mavenland in their grasp. The next big step would be to take over the other countries and dominate the rest of the planet. Archaven intervenes, claiming that if they attacked a single nation, they would go in to defend them, despite once being on friendly grounds with each other. Because of this, Mavenland officially declares war on Archaven. With alliances on both sides made days before the declaration, the first world war starts. This effectively led to the destruction of Mavenland and partial seperation of the Nazar with Archaven becoming a global super power.


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