This is an article about Ayo The Bat, a character created by Uhohspaghhetiohs on 10/4/2013.

"Squeak" -Ayo, when trying to speak.


Ayo the Bat is a black fruit bat. He wears a black cloak, red vest and black pants, making him look like a vampire. He has bluish gray eyes. One of his ears has been slightly torn, revealing a bloody gash.


Ayo's personality is kinda hard to explain. He's usually a loner, wandering places alone. He usually seeks solitude from the rest of the world, wanting to be left alone. He is friendly, though, and may make friends....if he feels like it. He spends most of his time in Green Hill Zone. He is also mute, only communicating through small squeaks, and sounds. He very rarely speaks.


Ayo has had a traumatizing life. At age 10, he witnessed his parents gte slaghtered by an unknown creature. He fled to Green Hill, where he seeked comfort, but was outcast because of his appearance. Ayo hid himself away from the world, never speaking to anyone.

Special Abilities

Night Vision: Ayo uses this to see well in the dark. He needs this in order to get around in the night, as he cannot see well in the day.


Flight: Like many other characters, Ayo posseses the ability of flight. By flapping his wings, he can propel himself off the ground

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