Climate and ecology

Ayi has 4 climates. Snowy, desert/canyon, tropical rainforest and industrial wasteland terrains. Other than that, Ayi has a similar ecology to Mobius.


Ayi is a hidden moon that orbits Mobius. It is hidden due to the fact that millions of spirits orbit it, hiding it from view. Thousands of years ago, one giant realm reigned over Ayi; it was known as the ancient city of Soma. Queen Arven ruled over all of Soma. She was a good-willed Queen and leader.  The Guardians (known as the Eldas) made an artefact that could grant any wish, the "Somalian treasure". However, once used, there would always be a good and a bad outcome to balance out the original wish.They gifted Queen Arven a wish, and she wished for Soma's prosperity. She then became severely ill as her punishment, and they let her have one more wish (possibly for experimental means). This time she wished for twins. What she didn't know was that hey would later become kings. It just so happens that Kretos was the bad twin and Elias is the good twin. Later, when Arven dies of illness, the twins are unsure of what to do. Kretos wants power, but Elias wants the equality to remain. Kretos attempts to use the Somalian treasure for himself and his greed. As the effects of the wishes began to get worse and worse due to how much Kretos was wishing for, Elias wondered about what to do. Elias took the treasure and returned it to the Guardians, who then hid it among the ruins. This started a crazy war between the twin brothers. The Guardians wanted to make sure this never happened again. They made several more artefacts and created a chain puzzle of them so that it was a lot more difficult to obtain the treasure. The war ended horribly, and as a result, Soma was split into 4 regions.


ILYNC - Snowy - 25 sectors

  • Being the largest inhabited region, the royal family lived here thousands of years ago. Though, in that time, it wasn't a snowy terrain.

VAX - Desert/canyon - 17 sectors

  • Largely uninhabited due to the head/infertile land.

REOMA - Tropical rainforest - 11 sectors

  • Relatively small region compared to the others, though it contains very fertile land and has a lot of potential in wealth.

TRIK - Industrial wasteland, area between the 3 regions (contains traps).

  • This is the largest uninhabited region. It consists of many undergound tunnels and caves, burrowed by thousands of desperate mobians trying to reach their loved ones. The reason behind the creation of the TRIK was to split the regions apart after the war. As a result, those who were caught in a region other than their homeland, as the TRIK and it's many walls were being set up, burrowed secret passages to the other regions in order to visit their family. There are various traps and mines aboveground, hindering the trek 
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