The Soman Treasure was created by the Eldas in the hopes that inhabitants of Ayi would understand that nothing good comes from wishing. The treasure appears to the finder in whatever form the finder likes the most. This meant that no two people could find the treasure based on a description, because the treasure appeared differently to each individual. The Eldas mainly created this treasure for experimental purposes, and in truth, did not care what came of its use. This can be seen when they offered a second wish to a very sick Queen Arven; though it is thought that this was more out of pity than anything else. She later died as a consequence of using the treasure more than once.

King Kretos is the only other known user of the treasure. In his reign, he used the treasure to become wealthy; as he was corrupted by greed. His twin brother, King Elias, returned the Soman Treasure to the Eldas, in hopes to return Ayi to normal. This started a raging war between the brothers, and divided the moon into 4 regions.

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