Queen Arven

Arven was the only Queen ever to have ruled over Ayi, to this day. She was one of the kindest leaders in history, possibly even the kindest. She birthed two sons; the twins, Elias and Kretos. This was her final wish for the Soman Treasure, and she died soon after making the wish.

King Elias

The good King. He genuinely cared and loved his people, unlike his twin, Kretos. When Kretos used the Soman Treasure for his own greed, Elias tried to stop him and regain peace by returning the treasure to the Guardians; though this resulted in a war he hadn't expected; as his twin brother was considerably aggravated by Elias' attempt at a good deed.

King Kretos

The evil king. Kretos only cared for himself. As such, he was hated by everyone, though people were too afraid to speak out as they feared him greatly. He had great power, and with that came corruption. Kretos only used the Soman Treasure for his own greed, and as such the kingdom spiralled into chaos pretty quickly. He was the consequence of Queen Arven's last wish.

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