In this day and age, the Eldas decided to hide the Soman Treasure in a very intricate system of puzzles, so as to ensure that fewer people find and abuse the use of the treasure. It is hidden in the ruins below the TRIK region, where one would least expect to find it.

The way the ruins work is like so: there are many different paths one can take to pass the first stage. Several artifacts are used to unlock their respective passage (example: pen artifact opens book passage), and there are progressively less passages after each stage (if the first stage has 10 passages, the next stage has 9, and so on).

The legend of these ruins has been passed down through generations, mainly by the bandits residing in the TRIK region. As a result, many bandits have set out to find the artifacts, but only one is currently known to own one of them. It is not known whether this individual intends to find the treasure.

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