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Ayeka drawing
Biographical Information
  • Highness(By her people)
  • Mother(By her kids)
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Hair:Dark pink
  • Eyes:Pink
  • Dark red dress
  • Dark red shoes
  • Blue amulet
  • Pink blossoms and brown bark(Tree form)
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Whip
  • Restore plants
  • Plant Sight
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
  • Jennifer Darling
Japanese V.A.
  • Yumi Takada
Theme Song(s)

Original CreatorUser:Hikaruyami-having fun*


Ayeka used to be ruler of the Green Gade along with her husband Fiore.She met Fiore when she was a young lady,she was just having a walk when she heard music at the castle garden,so she went to check it out.Once there,she saw someone playing a song on a flute,she was enchated by the melody,that she stay and to listen.Once the song was finish,they meet eye to eye and it was love at first sight for them.Soon,she married Fiore and had Cinna and enjoyed her life,then her home was attacked so she left the planet with her family and some of her clan.On the colony ship,she had her daughter Lukio and enjoy her days with her family till their attackers founded them and attacked the colony.She and Lukio got to a casple and where sent to a nearby planet with the others,as they are separated from her husband and son,once landed she became a tree to hide her clan and watched over them for years.Then years later while the forest was attack by the Spita the Spider,she wish her daughter good luck,and once Fiore and Cinna returned home,she regain her seedrian body and hugs her family and years later still help to watch her clan and watch her grandchildren when Lukio is busy.


In her yough, Ayeka is portrayed as being modest, well mannered, traditional, and aristocratic, but can also be snobbish (her proper accent is evidence of her aristocratic upbringing).She can also be very fierce when she feels that anyone or anything she cares for is in danger, such as Fiorei or her kids, of whom she is very protective.Years later Ayeka bacame a kind and loving wife and mother to her family,as well as her people,she only wanted whats best for everyone.Even as a tree,the other Seedrians and Lukio come to her for wisdom,to which she give them.



Ayeka met her husband during one of her strolls outside,when she heard music playing in the garden,she went to see the sorce of the song,there she met Fiore and she listen to his tune.soon,their eyes meet and they fell in love,with which they married and had their 1st child.When they left the planet she belevied that her husband will guide them to a home to be safe at,then they had their 2nd child,and Ayeka missed her husband,when they got saperated,and even as a tree she still thinks of him.Years later,he came back and helped her return to her seedrian for and the both shared a hug together.


  • I'm Ayeka,queen of my clan.-Introducing herself
  • Good luck,Lukio.May the scent of flowers protect you.-Wishing her daughter good luck


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