Ayami is known for being extremely beautiful, with glasses covering her green eyes, silvery beige fur with straightflowing black hair & two tails. She usually wears professional clothing, a white blouse & necktie underneath a black blazer & black skirt being favored. She always wears black leggings under her skirts ending in Black Heels. At home she may just wear a blouse & tie with her skirt & leggings.


Ayami is often hard on Yume, because she wants her daughter to improve, however she also comforts Yume whenever she is upset. While she wanted Yume to master Mandarin, she accepted her daughter's choice to take a computer programming course instead. She usually rewards Yume for doing well in school, while harshly scolding her for failure.


Ayami Yukimora was born on February 14th of the year 2001 in the city of KitaKyushu, where she would spend much of her early life. At the age of 18 she would start working in Tokyo as a secretary, where she would ultimately meet her husband, who was at a business meeting where she worked. She would marry William Paradisia at the age of 19. 1 year later on September 16th of the year 2021, Ayami would give birth to a daughter which she named Yume.

She is among the many heroes who fight Dark Program, entering into a temporary 6 Tailed Form. Her arm is broken during the epic battle.


Telekinesis: Extremely Powerful, she uses this as a way to perform several tasks simultaneously.

Telepathy: Used to send secret messages & to sense someone's thoughts within close range by focusing on them, it's a fairly weak power, however she eventually gains the ability to sense Yume over longer distances.

After growing her 2nd tail Ayami gains Cryokinesis, & after growing her 3rd tail she becomes able to create illusions.


Ayami is skilled at organizing & filing papers, typing, cooking, & maintaining her home. She also can speak English, Japanese, French, Spanish, & Mandarin in order from most to least fluent, as a result of her great intelligence. She has some martial arts skills as well.


  • Even though her IQ is 142, Ayami's still only the 2nd most intelligent sibling.
  • Even when she's 40, Ayami still only looks 24 at most.
  • Fire is her biggest weakness, although she's also weak to poison & various weapons.
  • Ayami wanted Yume to master Mandarin, because she isn't skilled at speaking it.
  • Tropes that apply to Ayami include "Girl in Glasses, Brainy Beauty, & Bilingual Bonus"
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