Aya the Fox (彩狐, Aya za Kitsune) is a 6 year old fox and first year elementary school student in Kyokuko Academy. Her full name is Aya Megumi (恵彩, Megumi Aya).


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Aya is a six year old red fox with brown hair with some strands on each side of her head and some of her bangs on her eyes, brown eyes, blushes on her cheeks and she wears a black sailor fuku with a red checkered skirt and knee high white socks.

Her casual clothes are a white shirt with the kanji fox on the front, knee long red pants and brown sneakers.


Aya is a cheery, bubbily and hiper active little kid that all she wants to do is have fun and live life to the fullest. But other than that she also is a fearless child and is rarely scared. Aya also is very stubborn for a child her age and she will fight if only necessary. It is also known that Aya is an accomplished actrice, often tricking her enemies into thinking she is a defenceless child.

Aya also shows great respect for her brother and sister and other people, especially her upper classmen. Aya enjoys to draw and sing when she has nothing to do and also tends to get bored very easily.

She is also a master prankster and she usually pulls pranks on Isao the Hedgehog because he harasses her sister and friends.


Aya is the younger sister of Asami the Fox and Ichiro the Fox and she is seven years younger than Asami and 10 years younger than Ichiro. Aya was two years old and she barely recalls the memories of when her father had beaten her and her older sister Asami the Fox. She also barely recalls her brother Ichiro the Fox burning down their house unwillingly. The only thing she can recall from the events is that her father was a mentally unstable person and that he had committed suicied in his asylum room. She, like Asami and Ichiro, called their father a coward because he didn't face them after he had tried to kill them in their house.

Aya had awaken her Telekinesis when she was three years old and not long after she and her older siblings meet their foster parents Takara the Panda and Hachi the Panda. Aya had an unusual control over her telekinesis from a young age and with it she helped around the house.

She and her siblings then meet Rin the Wolf and Yuffi the Hedgehog and soon they joined the Kamihime Jiyuu no Faita along with Isao the Hedgehog and Junichi the Hedgehig. Aya is currently the youngest member of the group.


Aya possessis strong Telekinesis and she is able to lift, control or move anything in her path. She also can use her spiritual energy as a weapon and by using her Telekinesis she can form blades of spirit energy that can do grear damage to her opponent. She can also form whips and other waves of spiritual energy. Also she is the most sencitive to other spiritual energy and she can also track them by using her telekinesis.

Her known battle moves are:

Spirit strike: she uses her surrounding energy to from spears of energy that are almost invisible and strike her opponent with brute force.

Spirit blade: she forms large arcs of spirit blades that they are controlled by the movements of her hands and they can cut her opponent numerous times.

Spirit whip: while focusing her energy to her hands she is able to form a whip of spirit energy and strike her opponent at a distance.



Asami the Fox (older sister)

Ichiro the Fox (older brother)

Yuffi the Hedgehog (good friend)

Rin the Wolf (good friend)

Silver the Hedgehog (person she admires the most)

Isao the Hedgehog

Junichi the Hedgehog

Kaiko the Wolf

Chikane the Dog

Miles 'Tails' Prower (possible love interest)

Cream the Rabbit (best friend)

Amy Rose

Knuckles the Echidna

Shadow the Hedgehog

Rouge the Bat

Sally Acorn

Mina Mongoose


Bunny Rabot


"Some people say that out of all of them I'm the baby of the group because I'm the youngest, but I don't let that bother me"

"For as long as I can remember my brother and sister have always been by my side"

"I may be young but I'm not scared to fight"

"I wouldn't attack me if I were you, Onii-chan and Onee-chan will get angry if you do"

"I have never meet another Telekinetic before"

"Wow Tails I didn't know you could build this, It's amazing"


"I never got to know my mother and I only have faint memories of my father, and to tell you the truth I can't remember a time when I was ever loved by my father"

"I will always protect my friends"

"Don't take it personaly Sally, Rin had a bad experience with royalty and the only reason why she doesn't hate Blaze its because Blaze went through the same pain"

Voice Actores

Her Japanese voice actor is Hisayo Mochizuki

Her English voice actor is Stevie Bloch (for both voices Imagen Yachiru Kusajishi from Bleach, English and Japanese)


  • Aya doensn't like to be treated as a child.
  • A running gag is that Aya loves to pull pranks on her friends, mainly Isao.
  • Aya's favorite anime is Shugo Chara.
  • Aya is rarely scared for a child her age.
  • She usually hangs out with people twice her age.
  • Aya doesn't mind it when her friends and siblings curse.
  • Aya's favorite song is Good days by Mizuno Saaya.
  • Aya is currently the only one who can control her spiritual energy fully but its still under developed cause of her age.
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