Axinite is a female Mobian echidna hailing from Station Square. Like many other survivors of Infinite's attacks, she became a soldier for the Resistance.

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Axinite is a female echidna covered in pearl grey fur traced with honey-yellow markings on her both her quills and arms. Her eyes are a dark shade of green- though in some lighting they can appear to be a dark teal. The fur atop her eyebrows is thicker than on the rest of her body, resulting in small tufts of fur sticking up from said eyebrows. Her body is muscular with few (if any) curves, and she stands at about 3'10. Her back is lined with scars, beginning at the top of her shoulders and ending at the small of her back.


Axinite wears a slightly oversized black fedora on top of her head and a pair of bronze goggles with red lenses around her neck. She also wears a black tank top that exposes her midriff along with an unbuttoned maroon leather jacket that reaches her ankles. In addition, she wears a pair of maroon bracers lined with greenish-blue trim and matching pants to go with them. Finally, she wears dark grey, knee high boots with reddish-orange trim.

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