Axel the Hedgehog

"Leave it to me!"
Axel the Hedgehog (アクセル·ザ·ヘッジホッグ) is a character made by Koumorichan. He is the guardian of the Chaos Crystal. The Master Crystal, which he is supreme guardian of, is embedded in his right eye, that way he'll never lose it!
Axel the Hedgehog
Vital Information
Age 18
Gender male
Species hedgehog
Residence Cryst City ruins
Attire Dark blue jacket around shoulders; necklace with blue crystal; dark belt; dark teal pants; white, turquoise,black, silver, and gold boots; turquoise, white, black, and gold gloves; crystal earring
Romantic Interests Retella the Rabbit
Political Alignment & Abilities
Affiliations Chaos Crystal Guardian
Alignment good/neutral
Abilities move and control anything with crystal energy, crystal laser
Forms Chaos Crystal Consumed


He is a silver hedgehog with white at the tip of his quills. He has a left turquoise eye and the Master Crystal in his right. His skin is peach.

He wears a blue leather jacket over his shoulders which is being held by a black belt. He wears two black belts around his waist. A silver-chained, crystal pendant is around his neck. He has white gloves with cuffs that have a black trim. On the gloves, there are golden bracelet-like things with a turquoise gem. His boots are white with black cuffs and markings.


He is stubborn and very loyal. He never backs down and never gives up. Most of the time he keeps his cool. Sometimes his loyalty pushes him too far, leading to a disaster. Despite him being Good, he has a maniacal laugh and he can act very dark at some times. He has a keen sense of humor. He is romantic and clever. He has a terrible fear of extreme heights, therefore, he despises flying. He has a "short fuse" and sometimes he can't control his Crystal powers.


Axel possesses gravity-based telekinetic powers which allow him to lift, manipulate, and toss enemies, objects, and even people.

He can also use his powers directly on himself, allowing him to jump great distances, land safely on his feet after falling from great heights, and to accelerate and strengthen physical movement used for executing fast evasive maneuvers as well as striking his target with extreme force. Also, when kinetically locked onto a target he can pull himself rapidly, using his powers to slingshot himself closer to the target which can also be used to execute an aerial homing body slam. He can use his powers to create gravity barriers to defend himself from gunfire, and redirecting the projectiles away. Axel is also able to focus his power on himself in order to negate the planet's gravity, allowing him to fly.

Chaos Crystal Consumed


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Dark Master Crystal




  • He was based on Layle from Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles: The Chrystal Bearers.
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