Axebox the Legend Axebox is a rich troll who lives in a mansion

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Young Axebox was poor and always begging for money but no one would give him any change. One day when he was doing his daily routine he got tired of everyone being so inconsiderate so he stole 1,000 dollars from an old lady. He then kept stealing and bought a house in troll city and went to a rich kid school. Everyone would make fun of him because he studdered everyone except his teacher. One day after school he started to make out with the teacher then she called the police and he ran away from his old home. From that day forward he knew his become a legendary thief and make sure no woman would ever hate him again. This din't work out for him though since his precence became widely known by everyone. So he put on a ghost costume as a disguise (and to save on holoween costumes) then at age 18 he started working for a big company and he bought a mansion. He then befriended Lol a couple of years ago and became best friends. Even though he doesn't steal as much he hasn't completely been purified of his bad deeds. He's also expert at cloning. He never takes off his costume except when he's in his house.

Physical Description

  • Wears a ghost costume
  • (Under costume)
  • A golden lion's mane and lion body
  • Yellow sonic style spines


  • Cloning
  • Levatation
  • Fire


  • Unexpected Rick Roll
  • Clone barage
  • Clone fire festival
  • Rick Roll clone barrage
  • Smooth operator
  • Fire ball

Friends and Foes






Romantic Interests

Patricia the Skunk- He had a brief relationship with Patricia the skunk but it's assumed they split apart and it had to be ugly considering Axebox usually never dumps a girl.


Though Axebox seems to be menacing and fierce at times his behavior can be compared to Charmy's. He is restless and wants to be original but he knows he's a troll so he hides in a ghost costume to be original. He is very sly and can talk his way out of things. Since he normally can't sleep at night he asks to be sedated.



Biggest Fears


He appeared in Mobius Basketball Tournament in Team Yunika.


  • "No you don't, you just want my money."


  • Even though he's listed as a troll he looks nothing like a canon character.
    • Though he slightly resembles Cyrus from Sonic underground but barely.
      • It's possible he was transformed into a troll like Dismal was.
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