Axe Kick is a powerful attack, and one of Sonic the Hedgehog's signature move.


This attack is used in various ways, primarily two:

  1. ) The first and more basic version- thus considered the weaker version, meant for "beginners"- the user raises up their foot high into the air, then brings their heel down with crushing force, slamming the foe down into the ground hard enough to leave an imprint from the enemy's impact with the ground. A basic use of the attack, it's best used as the finisher to a combo.
  2. ) The second and more powerful way to use this attack involves the user jumping high up into the air. Then, keeping one of their legs stretched out, begin spinning, as if using a Spin Attack. The speed of rotation causes the user's foot (Sonic's for example) foot to become covered by a powerful wind current and energy, leaving a light blue trail around him as he spins. Another user can variate on this by covering their foot in another form of energy (such as Chaos Energy or elemental energy). Upon reaching their target, the user slams their foot down upon their target, crushing them with the garnered speed and power.


Add your character if they can use this attack.


A powerful technique with a great potential for injury or fataility, this technique is ranked as a B-rank attack.

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