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Avocado is a soldier in the Mephiles the Dark Force.


Avocado is depicted as a human-like alien with light green hair, light green eyes, and ivory skin. He is also wearing a Blackarm soldier armor.


Avocado is shown to be incredibly afraid of Mephiles, shaking by just being the presence of the demonic tyrant. Such a fearful personality was his downfall, with Mephiles pointing out this "flaw" and killing him with a Death Lance because of it.


Chaos Emeralds Z

Mephiles the Dark Saga

On Angel Island, after Shadow the Hedgehog murders Drago the Wolf in cold blood without showing any remorse, Avocado timidly delivers the news that the Sleuth Dawg Force were arriving in a minute. Mephiles kills him with a Death Lance for showing fear in his presence. Mephiles asks Avocado if he was trying to second guess one of his decisions. Avocado timidly shakes his head, but Mephiles kills him with a Death Lance anyway.


  • He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who also voiced Heinrich Von Marzipan in Codename: Kids Next Door and Shirou Saitou in the Japanese dub.
  • His light green hair represents the colors of an avocado flesh.