Averna the Queen of Death is an ancient Iberian lynx. The queen, of an ancient culture, Averna reigned with an iron fist. She was rather cold and cruel. She used her feminine whiles to take out leaders of other civilizations. Eventually her evil ways caught up to her and she was banished to the underworld, where she would live forever until some-one came across her body. The body was hidden within a secret underground tomb filled with dangerous traps and dead ends. Averna spent years of her life in the underworld until she was awaken.....


Early Childhood

Averna lived a terrible childhood where all her friends and family died. She was sent to an orphanage where she was sad as ever. She had friends but she wanted more, she wanted everything so she can live life to the fullest. She knew no one else would understand so she snuck out to the cafeteria and killed everyone in the orphanage. She then went on a two year killing spree when she was caught by higher authorities. She knew she was going to die anyway so she embraced it and murdered herself. Since she was near an ancient artifact known as the Red ring of death she became an undead but since she wanted to die she retained her basic appearance and actually became even more beautiful. She then broke free of her leg shackles and ran into the desert.

Reign as Queen

She dwelled in the desert for weeks until she found a nice pile of bones and carcasses in which she molded into the shadow kingdom in the middle of the ruins. Many of the undead gathered and lived peacefully in her kingdom. Foolish travelers would also be forced to live in the kingdom if the dwelled to close to it. She ruled with an iron fist and her kingdom grew and grew until her kingdom took up the whole desert. Rulers from all of mobius feared her power and sent their children as bribes for her not to kill them. Yes indeed,she was a tyrant but the worse was yet to come.

Cast Away

Higher being noticed her power and cast her into a different realm. Little did they know she would take advantage over her new dimension. Her diminsion had a special tie to Mobius and there she used her magic to influence Mobius making the planet a dark and scary place. The world was in her hands and people built temples to worship her all over the world so she wouldn't kill them and she forced people to make paintings and artifacts of her. Her control over the planet was so great the world was staring to split apart due to all the negative energy and it seemed all hope was lost...

Time in the Underworld

Soon the mobians couldn't take much more so they somehow broke the seals to Averna's dimension and she came to mobius. Through a bloody fight to the deat the managed to seal her in an ancient temple leading to the underworld. There she didn't reign supreme but she plotted and schemed one day hoping to escape. She stayed in the underworld so long she knew the place very well and she became an agile fighter there but that wasn't enough she wanted more....


About a year ago two G.U.N. agents were investigating in the desert looking for ancient artifacts. They found a huge tomb then they went in it. They eventually reached the end of the tomb and played an ancient melody they learned. Then Averna rose from her seal and quickly murdered the two agents and she went to the surface to find a good hiding place to plot and scheme until she becomes queen again.


Averna is cunning, vindictive, and an overall evil being. She has little to no concern for anyone other than herself. She seeks to become the strongest being in the world and take it over. She also seeks to learn every move in the universe. She plans to do this by obtaining an ancient artifact rumored to be buried in the core of the world. Averna is bored very easily, and isn't amused by much. She doesn't view anyone as a challenge unless they serve as a benefit to her. She sees herself as a supreme being, looking down on everyone else. Averna thinks she is the queen of everyone. Averna is very flirty when she wants something. She is ambitious in that, whatever she wants, she'll take. Averna also embraces death, and welcomes darkness.


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 8
Attack 10
Spcl. Atk 10
Defense 8
Spcl. Def 8
Speed 8
Reflexes 9
Magic 10
Psyche 10
Intellect 9
Total 90/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Normal
Hearing Superior
Olfactory Normal


Most of these characters she's never actually interacted with. The Trolls-She is rather fond of the trolls since they can die an unlimited amount of times.

The Elder of Frog Village-She hates him with a passion due to him never dying.

Theme Song


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