Avenue Raid is the third stage of the dark story in Sonic Adventure 2: Project Shadow and one of the two additional stages for Shadow. This stage takes place in the streets of Central City taking place in the night. It is also played for 2P mode.


News had broke out that a hedgehog had escaped Prison Island and destroyed the GUN robots in their way; the media believes the hedgehog to be none other than Sonic when it was actually Shadow. After Sonic escapes in Central City in the Hero Story, Shadow is standing on the outskirts of the city, plotting to steal a Chaos Emerald from a bank.


  • Head to the national bank and steal the Chaos Emerald
  • Collect 100 Rings
  • Find the lost Chao
  • Reach the Goal within 3:45
  • Clear Hard Mode

Stage layout

The level is basically the night version of City Escape, with the exception of being chased by the large GUN truck that chased Sonic earlier (it can be seen stuck in the overpass in a street area). It involves the board ramps present around the hills where Shadow can perform tricks, rail grinding on top of buildings, and there are sections where there are potholes on the street which lead Shadow to and out of the sewers. The goal ring is located in the entrance to the Central City Bank.


GUN robots will be around the area.

  • Beetle series: Mono Beetle, Spring Beetle, Spark Beetle, Gun Beetle (Hard Mode), Gun Wing (Hard Mode), Gold Beetle
  • Hunter series: Gun Hunter, Laser Hunter (Hard Mode), Shield Hunter (Hard Mode)
  • Hawk series: Gun Hawk, Sky Hawk (Hard Mode), Laser Hawk (Hard Mode)
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