Aventurine is a member of a unique humanoid species, called Terranoids, who are born from stones, minerals, or gemstones. Aventurine is a more heroic member of Terranoids, and has risked her life (despite being able to regenetate) multiple times to save her friends. Unlike Labradorite, her gem was found on a Terranoid planet.


Labradorite has pastel-esque green fur, bright faded lime skin, sea-greenish lime hair, semipastel safety green colored eyes, a greenscreen green top, a summer grass green skirt, cyan boots, dark greyish-green gloves, and a choker nthe same color as her gloves. she also has cat ears.


Aventurine is a restless hero, and will stop at nothing to save her friends. she's very social and outgoing, and it's hard not to feel safe around her. Unless, of course, you are evil.


She is 5000+ years old, and was born on a planet controlled by Terranoids. it was presumably destroyed a while ago, and she doesn't want to talk about it. Because of this, she has barely no known history.


Like all Terranoids, She has increased strength, extreme pain tolerance, the ability to breathe underwater, the inability to actual die, per-se (instead disappears into a healing realm), the inability to age, and can live without eating, sleeping, drinking, and can automatically heal any injuries over time. but like all Terranoids, She has unique powers.

  • Camo/Invisibility - Can change her skin and fur and etc. to be invisible, and blend into her surroundings.
  • Prehensile Hair - Can stretch her hair and use sections of hair as arms.
  • Sonic Scream - a scream that can only be heard by villains, and is powerful enough to break regular glass.
  • Hypnosis - Can use her enemies as pawns for her fights.


All Terranoids can summon 3 or more weapons, but they are almost always exclusive.


Mallet, Stun Gun, Sword, 


Flute (Active, no real powers. it's just a normal flute.


Double Jump - Can jump twice.

Spin Blast - Like a spindash, but it follows a set trail created by a laser.

Ultra-Jump - Can jump up to 780 Miles into the air with no problems.

Matrix-time dodging - This power explains itself.


  • Her weapons are summoned from the palm of her gloves.
  • She was the first Terranoid to join a heroic alliance, rather than evil/neutral.


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