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Contains Spoilers for the fangame, Splice The Hedgehog!

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Avarice Walker, Splice The Hedgehog

Avarice is one of the main villains in Splice The Hedgehog. He is the boss of the Elemental Rings Factory, and the original inventor of Elemental Rings. He is a well mannered business man, who respects his workers. However, there are dark rumors of shady business behind the scenes, and he's at the top of it all. Not long before the factory was forced to shut down, he was striving to find a way to create even stronger elemental rings than he was originally capable of.

He owns a large laboratory somewhere off the shore of Greenflower City, though it was supposedly shut down long before the Elemental Rings Factory.

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Avarice sprite
Avarice is a black furred hedgehog with dark skin. His hair parts away from his dark green eyes in sets of two bangs. His quills stick sharply in different places; His top spine sticks outward, while the center one points upward, almost touching it. His bottom quill goes straight down, pointing towards the ground. He has a few other long quills that just hang downward like dreads.

He generally wears an entirely black suit, though a white shirt is visible behind it, as well as a black tie.


On the outside, he appears to be a well-mannered, ambitious gentleman. He has a formal, yet firm manner of speech. He is an intelligent man and a former scientist. He has a vast knowledge of Elemental Rings, and often shares info about them to just about anyone. He is very proud of his work.

However, he is secretly a very greedy man, who only really wants power over everyone. He is cold, ruthless, deceptive, and will do anything in his power to achieve his goals; no matter how despicable the crime. Despite that, he is not the type to dirty his own hands; he more often than not will send whatever minions he has on hand to do the job. However, he is not afraid of stepping up to the plate when he needs to. He is dangerously competent and he knows it. And if he should fail once, he usually has a backup plan ready just in case. He prides himself in always being prepared.

As vile as he is, Avarice does have a sort of 'code of honor'. He is a man of his word, so he says, and manages to get by without ever having to lie or cheat his way to the top. He speaks honestly, and isn't above genuinely praising even his enemy. (though such compliments may hide subtle insults on other traits of said person) He has a generally good attitude to keep up his positive publicity. His business is genuine, his work is authentic, and he has never given out faulty Elemental Rings. He takes pride in this, but he does keep the best to himself, such as his experimental Tri-Ring (a Fire/Ice/Lightning elemental ring.)

Strengths and Powers


Avarice is actually a very dangerous individual. He is smart, calculating, and devious. He is physically powerful, and rather quick. Wielding a knife in one hand, and a gun that fires elemental bullets in the other, and extremely skilled in using both at once, he is not an enemy to underestimate. His gun is powered by the aforementioned Tri-Ring.

Being the original founder of Elemental Rings, he naturally fights using their power, as well. He wields a special ring that gives him access to six elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Wind, and Earth. It is incomplete, however, and some elements are weaker than the rest, leaving him to resort to using the more reliable ones. It also lacks Light and Darkness, two elements that have been used in his products before. However, the lightning power is far more dominant than any other one packed into the ring. This is the element he is most commonly associated with, as he tends to use it more often than the others.

Despite being a fierce fighter, he generally keeps a calm state of mind, even in the heat of a battle. Doing so helps him focus better. It is very difficult to fluster him, or catch him off guard.

Avarice generally tries not to resort to fighting, if he can help it. He prefers to let his security, personal bodyguards, and sometimes even thugs, do all the work for him in disposing of his enemies. But, if he decides to step down and face them himself, the "kid gloves" have come off.

General Info

While Avarice is the head of the Elemental Rings Inc., he is secretly part of a large and sinister gang generally referred to as The Black Rose. He has a lust for power, control, and wealth. While his booming business presented him with wealth, his ties with the Black Rose gave him the power and control he sought. 

Avarice is in fact, one of the two leaders of the Black Rose; the other one being his younger brother, Gladius The Hedgehog.

In actuality, The Black Rose had spread its thorns all over Greenflower City long before the first episode in the series took place. By that time, they had all but taken control of the city from the shadows by secret manipulation of the higher authorities. They also are responsible for several events that happened over the course of the series, such as the deaths of Thunder's (and many, MANY other people's) parents, the kidnapping and mutation of citizens, and by extension, the subsequent outbreak of a new plague.

Of course, by the time Splice The Hedgehog comes around, their cover had already started to wilt, eventually leading to their ultimate downfall. Over the course of SpTH, the party encounters him a few times, though is only fought about twice. Being one of the main villains of the game, he was a difficult enemy to overcome. In their final battle, both Avarice and Gladius were defeated. In the bad ending, they both are killed in the battle, whereas in the good ending, they are spared long enough for them to give you vital information before being put to justice by the police. They were arrested by Officer Speeder and his son, Speedy The Hedgehog, who had taken part in the final battle.


I'm not entirely sure how I came up with the concept for Gladius and Avarice. While I was thinking of the plot for Splice The Hedgehog, I realized I needed a main villain; someone who needed to be on top of the gang that's been causing the heroes for the past season.

But there was a problem; There were two main operations going on, (The Black Rose Orphanage and the Elemental Rings Factory) and one gang. And I had wrote it out to seem like there was only one leader; a leader for both at once. Eventually I split him up into two people; Gladius for Black Rose, and Avarice for Elemental Rings. After that I worked on their designs, and their personalities just kind of wrote themselves, almost.

I was at a loss for what to do with them after SpTH for a time, but I've decided on future uses for them. In the bad ending though, they're dead. Yeah.






Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)~ As a major villain, he shows up as a reoccurring boss.

Relationships with Other Characters


Ethelia The Hedgehog

Ethelia is his twin sister, and a reoccurring boss in SpTH. She is part of the orphanage's gang, yet at the same time, one of the many scientists of the Elemental Rings Factory. She works hard to try and gain the respect of her brother, yet she doesn't realize that she's the only one he fully trusts.

Gladius The Hedgehog

Gladius is his younger brother, and the owner of the Black Rose Orphanage. The two share the position as "Boss" of the gang, yet the orphanage is their main hideout. Avarice is very weary of him, being a loose cannon with an almost sadistic fighting style.


Splice The Hedgehog

The two were destined to be enemies. Avarice is in fact, the man responsible for breaking Splice's whole family apart as a young child. Through kidnapping and blackmailing, he forced his father to work for The Black Rose while turning him and his mother in over to Gladius. Gladius imprisoned his mother underground, and kept Splice with the rest of the children as an 'orphan'. Eventually Splice ran away, and returned many years later to oppose him. Splice ultimately defeated him and reunited with his family.


  • "I've heard numerous reports of 'rats' scampering about my factory in recent days. I had begun to think that a competing company was after our trade secrets; never would I have guessed that it'd be a bunch of nosy kids looking for me." ~ When Splice and Co. meet Avarice for the first time.
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