Ava is an ermine(short tailed weasel). She is a thief and is quite skilled at was she does. She could be compared to Rouge however Briana uses force and overall skill to get what she wants.


Ava is the daughter of the famous "King of Thieves", Damas the Ermine. She has inherited most of his skills and superspeed. Her father was killed after Ava finished her training with him. He was the most wanted criminal on G.U.N's list. When he put up force and killed a few men he was shot down. Ava grew to hate G.U.N for what they had done to her father. Ava swore that she would do what her father could not, and become wealthy from stealing. She and her small tribe accomplish this goal by stealing gems, money, rare artifacts, dangerous weapons to pawn, etc. Ava's skills are unmatched by anyone in her village.


Ava is a very competitive female. She loves money a lot. She loves what she does, as well as using her skills. She can take lead easily. However she isn't quick to trust people. She thinks that all people are out for themselves making her very reluctant to get close or romantic with anyone. She also has a strong sense of loyalty and duty. She would never sell out her tribe. She can be respectful or very threatening depending on your impression on her. She believes in warrior strength. She is a very tough female.


  • Fighting
  • Stealing
  • Money
  • Guys(To an Extent)
  • Honor
  • Family
  • Snow


  • Betrayal
  • G.U.N
  • Overlanders/Humans (To an Extent)
  • Losing


C'mon let's move!

Steady now...


I'll never forgive you!



Theme Song


Beautiful Dirty Rich - Lyrics by Lady GaGa

Theme Song-Beautiful,Dirty,Rich

Artist(s)-Lady Gaga

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