This is an article about Autumn the hedgehog, a character created by Alicia x autumn91 on 07/22/2013.


Autumn is a neon green colored hedgehog with white eyes blue shoes similar to sonics his spikes are similar to Amy's hair he has a blue sleeveless snow vest on similar to charmy bee


Unlike his wife Alicia autumn is calm collected and rarely resorts to violence he is shown to be quite protective over his wife and rarely shows signs of anger he is a sweet kind hearted soul


Autumn was the youngest in his family having 1 older sister his parents died his father was killed by Gerald robotnik while his mother died giving birth to him shortly after dieing in war and his big sister Felicia raised him from there he found Alicia later in the cold with blood on her and she was laying next to a dead body later revealed to be her father whom she killed autumn told felicia and she brought Alicia home and autumn has been close to Alicia ever since later at the age of 20 he married her and shortly after he had 3 daughters with her and later he met sonic and while his wife found sonic irritating at 1st autumn found him simply as a pest but befriended him later autumn currently lives in an abandoned ice castle with him wife and daughters


Autumn has a interesting power in the fact that he can change the seasons at will at any give point in time he can change the season such as if it's summon he can change it to winter fall or spring if he wanted to he also has aquakenesis

Special Abilities

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