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You may be looking for his Prime Zone counterpart.

This is an alternate version of Austin Smith who lived in the Light Mobius universe. He was a warrior of the Storm Fighters who died of blunt force trauma to the chest.


Austin mostly retains his Prime Zone counterpart's appearance.

As such he is a stocky, heavyset anthropomorphic German Shepherd with long, thick brown and black fur and blue eyes.


In Shadowed Future: The Broken Team, Austin was mentioned as being eager, friendly, and optimistic. As always, he has a strong loyalty to the Storm Fighters.


Unaltered Timeline: Unknown

Altered Timeline: When Shadow began to conquer Mobius, Austin worked alongside his Teammates to try to intervene and stop him. This culminated in Fox's death and the Alliance being forced to flee from the Base. Austin finds a clearing for the new Storming Base, and helps build it. Later, Austin is visibly upset when his friend Storm chooses to leave with Splash and the other Megastone Rogues after finding that their new Base is close to Portal, the capital city. Later on, Austin goes for a walk, but Braveheart follows him to find him trying to attack Shadow. Unfazed by the warrior's fury, Shadow waits until the last second to kick Austin in the chest full-force, blasting him back and fatally injuring him. After Braveheart carries Austin to the Base(with some difficulties due to a flank injury of his own), it is revealed that Austin had already died of his injuries.