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{{Article Quote|I'm so sorry Mike.[...]I will never forgive [[Dr. Finitevus (Burpy's Dream)|Finitevus]] for this. He hurt you trying to get to me. Please come back. I don't want to lose you. Remember all those times we had fun playing together? We can go back to that. Please don't go.|Austin to Michael just before he dies, The First Battle}}
{{Article Quote|I'm so sorry Mike.[...]I will never forgive [[Dr. Finitevus (Burpy's Dream)|Finitevus]] for this. He hurt you trying to get to me. Please come back. I don't want to lose you. Remember all those times we had fun playing together? We can go back to that. Please don't go.|Austin to [[Michael Smith|Michael]] just before he dies, The First Battle}}
''Credit to my good friend Sir Moneybags for the drawing!''
''Credit to my good friend Sir Moneybags for the drawing!''

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Cquote1 I'm so sorry Mike.[...]I will never forgive Finitevus for this. He hurt you trying to get to me. Please come back. I don't want to lose you. Remember all those times we had fun playing together? We can go back to that. Please don't go. Cquote2
Austin to Michael just before he dies, The First Battle

Credit to my good friend Sir Moneybags for the drawing!

Austin Smith is a major character in The Legend of Fox the Brave, who appears in many of its stories, often as the main protagonist. He is a Mobian German Shepherd, formerly a human, who is the center of Finitevus' obsession. He is known for having a vicious temper, but still retains some of his old, kinder personality. He is the husband of Rosa Smith, father of Dallas and Dakota Smith, adopted father of Lucky and Tundra Smith, and the grandfather of Jones and Duke Smith in the Dark Mobius timeline.


"Austin was a young German Shepherd Dog with thick, shaggy, brown-and-black fur, a black muzzle, and troubled blue eyes; and he only wore a black t-shirt(only evident with the unbroken black pattern on his arms, chest, and belly)."
—Austin's description from Storm's POV, Storm's War
"The boy was pale-skinned, had brown hair and blue eyes, and wore a black t-shirt and beige cargo shorts[...]Finitevus knew this truly was Austin, for he had the same blue eyes."
—Austin's description as a human, Rising Evil

As a human: Austin's appearance as a human has just been confirmed by the creator; Austin was a teenage boy around 5' tall with pale skin, brown hair, and blue eyes. On the day he was effectively kidnapped from his Washington home, he wore Fox's typical apparel, minus the brown leather jacket.

As a dog: He is an anthropomorphic German Shepherd with thick, shaggy black and brown fur and a bushy tail. He retains his blue eyes and black t-shirt, losing his beige cargo shorts-since upon his arrival to Mobius, his shorts didn't have a hole for his new tail, resulting in it sticking through his right pant leg and making his leg itch something fierce. As of his return in Search for the Lost Warriors, it is unknown if he got a new wrist-com, since his last one was destroyed by Lycus when the Storm Fighter was captured. As of Return of Evil, Austin wears a Z-Ring with a Rockium Z in it for whenever he and Boulder need to use Continental Crush.
"Shadow saw a large German Shepherd lazing about, and immediately recognized Austin when he opened blue eyes to look at the cubs running around. He was truly impressive to look at, with massive shoulders, a wide head, and long, thick fur. He also had a long scar slicing from above his left eye down to below his right, and scars on his arms, as well as the ends of other scars poking out from underneath his black shirt."
—Austin's description from King Shadow's POV, Shadow of Time

Latest Appearance: In his latest aappearance in Darkness of War, Austin is somewhere in his late 20s. He is heavyset, muscular, broad, and has a long scar on his face because of Infinite(then known as the unnamed leader of the Jackal Squad) striking him with his sword while the big warrior was retaliating for wounds given to Alex the Jackal. As of Darkness of War, Austin has several long, crisscrossing scars on his arms, chest, and belly because of Sonic.EXE's savage attack in the Prologue.


"You blasted, star-cursed, Flopper-brained idiot!"
—Austin cursing, The Villain's Reveal(Epilogue)

As a human, Austin was a bit of a dreamer in his World. He loved hanging out with his brother Michael, and the pair enjoyed watching movies, reading comics, and playing video games together. Yet out of the pair, Austin dreamed of what he would do if he were in the World of Sonic the Hedgehog. Austin and Michael were very close to one another, and Austin was devastated when Michael passed away due to injuries inflicted by Finitevus.

As a dog, he was initially a serious fanboy, but eventually mellowed out, becoming a stern and stubbornly loyal warrior, willing to acknowledge Fox's shortcomings, but still express his loyalty to the arrogant fox. In recent times, he has become rather paranoid and frightened for his safety as a result of Finitevus stalking him relentlessly. He also has a bit of a foul mouth, though it was never really shown; Austin will never hesitate to curse in any way. Recently, Austin has come to hate Finitevus because of Michael's death and his and Storm's own self-imposed exile. He used to believe in the Spirits in the Stars, but as of the chapter The Return of the Shattered Storm in Storm's Struggle, Austin lost all faith in them when he found out that the mysterious Shattered Storm Prophecy focused mostly on him. As of Storm of Darkness, Austin's attitude seems to fluctuate. If someone hurts him emotionally, he finds it hard to forgive them, but will acknowledge when he's acted wrong himself.

Latest Appearance: Due to his elevation to leader and later deputy of the Storm Fighters, Austin has adopted a fierce, no-nonsense air about him. He hates Infinite as much as, if not more than, Finitevus, and is uunafraid to show it. Austin still clearly feels the hurt of his brother and sons' deaths, as he snarls at Streak the Bird for comparing Dallas' decision to help Finitevus to Stan the Wolf's unfortunate agreement with Infinite. Additionally, Austin has a vehement hatred of the masked villain, likely because he drove the Alliance from their home and killed innocent lives. Later, in Rise of Darkness, Austin displays a vehement desperation to distance himself from Finitevus, given his violent outbursts after Scourge suggests getting help from him(even snapping at Boulder and Storm).


"To put it simply, it was very boring compared to the life I live now. Granted, it was also safer, as I never had to worry about Finitevus except in the vivid dreams I had before I came here."
—Austin briefly describing his life, Storm's Battle

Austin was born in WA, USA, and considers his life there, "Very boring compared to the life I live now", and only somewhat regrets the mistake that caused him to be brought to Mobius in the first place.

Austin's Adventures

After coming to the Worlds, he found himself in the home of an Echidna - who found him unconscious on Angel Island - with his tail sticking through his right pant leg and itching something fierce. Austin goes outside, manages to take off his shorts, and wags his tail to get used to the new extension of his spine. This is where he first meets Finitevus, and he becomes afraid, since he knows what Finitevus is capable of. Nervous, Austin slinks out of the clearing, nearly crashing into Knuckles. Austin soon gets help from Locke, who agrees to help Austin get to the Storming Base, to the younger dog's joy. Not too far from the Base, Austin - unable to sleep - wanders into the Lamarkie Forest and encounters Finitevus again. Finitevus offers to help Austin get to the Base quicker, if Austin "helps" him in return. Terrified, Austin insists that he needs to head back to the camp where he, Splash, and Locke stopped for the night, scrambling back with a warning from Finitevus ringing in his ears. He later gets to the Base and meets Fox, noting his strong frame and deep, disapproving voice. Austin is accepted into the Storm Fighters and trains hard, soon able to overpower Neal and Kairn in training bouts. Later on, he awakens in the middle of a stormy night and rushes out to follow a scent trail, finding Fox badly wounded and Kairn murdered. He also sees Sonic.EXE, who tells him that Fox will die like Kairn, only he will suffer, before disappearing. Later, Michael arrives, and Austin is ecstatic that his brother is in the Worlds as well. Austin worries about Finitevus' warning before heading inside when he hears Michael howl at him that he's staying in his room for that night. At the end of Austin's Adventures, Austin is padding through Angel Island before the War of Time, and when he arrives to where the Storming Alliance patrol has made camp, Fox calls him away to get some information before fighting the first battle in the War of Time. Afterward, when Austin turns around, hoping things won't blow up in his face, he stops when he spots Finitevus glaring at him. Terrified, Austin realizes that he's doomed.

A Brother's Search

Austin does not appear until the end, but is mentioned frequently.

The Fleeing Evil Saga

After Finitevus' prison escape as mentioned in Splash's Raid, Austin is deathly afraid for his life, knowing Finitevus saw Fox confide in him before fighting in the War of Time. He heads down to the river to get a drink and think to himself, but is found by Finitevus. Afraid, he flees to the Base, almost crashing into Fang the Saber. After getting Fox's grudging approval, Austin flees to Angel Island with Knuckles, and the two chat. After a short while of silence, Austin thinks he heard something, and the pair hear Finitevus say that he'd been waiting for Austin, revealing that he'd been expecting Austin to flee to Angel Island. Knuckles goes to fight Finitevus, telling Austin to run, and-after some hesitation-he does. Austin runs to a small pool, and after catching his breath, lets out a howl of misery. He tries to go to sleep, but is found and captured by Finitevus. Later, Finitevus reveals his plans for Austin, then leaves to deal with something else (likely the captured Chaotix and DFF given that Hunt for a Storm Fighter is set around SU #9-12), Austin takes advantage of this and sneaks out. Curious about the chained Island floating nearby, he heads over and begins to climb up. He then spots Finitevus, who questions his loyalty to Fox. Afraid and irritated at the same time, Austin angrily states that despite being arrogant and short-tempered(silently saying that Finitevus is much worse), Fox knows right from wrong and is a good leader. Finitevus coldly states that Austin's "arrogance" will be his downfall. Austin snarls that what he knows is not for Finitevus before letting go and falling. The drop isn't fatal, but is enough to dislocate his left leg. Soon, The Chaotix arrive, and Julie-Sue has them hold Austin so he doesn't bite anyone, and has Mighty(who has super-strength) put Austin's leg back in its socket. After that, Knuckles takes Austin to a forest, where the young warrior insists that the Master Emerald needs Knuckles more than he does, and heads in by himself. As he falls asleep later, Austin thinks to himself that he'll be home soon. He hears Finitevus again, and leaps up with a snarl. Realizing it's Finitevus, he tries to flee, but is knocked off his paws and is captured again. Later, Finitevus bullies Austin into revealing [somewhat] sensitive information about the Storming Base, and reveals that he plans on having Dark Enerjak (who he somehow managed to bring back after being defeated twice) destroy the Base and have Fox throw Austin out so Finitevus can continue using Austin's knowledge without interference. This plan succeeds, and Austin flees to Angel Island, and decides to live there with the Chaotix. After being captured yet again by Finitevus, Austin refuses to give up any more knowledge, even trying to fight off Finitevus. He is later rescued and he runs back to the Storming Base, ignoring the chance that Enerjak or Fox might kill him. After dragging Fire Fox from the wreckage of the Base, Austin is told by his leader to go after Finitevus, who had fled into the Lamarkie Forest. Austin battles Finitevus and even manages to hold him down, but is distracted by something else, allowing Finitevus to throw him off and escape.

The Lost Fox

Austin accompanies the patrol that goes to Angel Island to stop Finitevus, who takes control of Feral Fox and has him capture Austin. During a major battle, Austin finds Feral Fox about to attack someone else and leaps in front, taking the blow and getting knocked unconscious and temporarily paralyzed from the waist down. He is shown to have made a quick and full recovery, but is plagued with back problems.

Raging Storm

Austin doesn't appear until late into the story. He is first seen escaping with Longmire, Braveheart, and Splash in an attempt to get Dallas and Dakota to a safe location. When he returns with Longmire, he is bullied by Scourge, who savagely kicks his bad leg and makes him fall. He later attends Shane the Wolf's funeral after he is killed by Scourge during the first Storming Revolt. He sadly says that he's leaving with Longmire the Cat to where his sons are hiding in order to avoid Finitevus. He does not appear again.

Dallas and Dakota: Brothers in Trouble

Austin first appears after Dallas flees from the forest after his encounter with Finitevus. Austin is with a warrior named Cori, and is furious to find that his son has snuck off and met with his worst enemy. After hearing Finitevus' warning, Austin is disbelieving, and a few weeks later, Dallas is kidnapped by Finitevus. Enraged, goes to the prison where Scourge is held after the second Storming Revolt(the successful one), and furiously rants, believing that Scourge was in on the whole thing and ignoring the hedgehog's denials. He is taken away by some guards, howling like a madman that Scourge is the reason why Dallas was kidnapped. He does not appear again.

The Fleeing Evil Saga (Part 2)

Austin goes on a mission with Silver the Lucario, one of his warriors, Storm the Buizel, and Diggs the Excadrill, but is captured with Storm when Silver and Diggs are swept away by a river. Afterward, Finitevus uses Storm as leverage against Austin, threatening the Buizel's life if ever the brown and black warrior refused to comply. Soon, Austin and Storm escape and flee to an unknown jungle, evading Finitevus all the while. There, Austin gives himself a self-imposed exile, choosing to remain in the jungle to avoid bringing Finitevus back to the Base. Storm, not wanting Austin to be alone, decides to remain with him.

Silver's Journey

Austin is very minor here. Silver recalls how his patrol was ambushed and how he and Diggs the Excadrill were separated from Austin and Storm and swept away by a river they were forced near. When Silver and Diggs return home, they bring Austin's ripped t-shirt and broken wrist-com, and Silver is forced to deliver the news to Austin and Storm's heartbroken families. Austin receives several mentions throughout the story, and is the focus of a nightmare Silver has as well as a memory he is given. Later, when Silver and Finitevus battle in a canyon after the two warriors escape from Finitevus and his followers, Silver rages that the pair cannot return home because of the villainous Echidna, who sneers that once he's done with the Worlds, Austin won't need his home (though what he really means is never revealed). In the Epilogue, Sandy the Lucario concedes that until Finitevus and his followers are defeated and/or apprehended, Austin and Storm can't return home. Silver agrees, but vows that he will be the one to bring them down and avenge Austin and Storm's exile.

The Villain's Reveal

Austin doesn't physically appear until the Epilogue, but is mentioned frequently, first by Michael in the Prologue when he thinks about his struggle to cope with his brother's exile, as well as Finitevus in the same chapter when he tells Michael his motives for attacking the white-furred warrior. Later, Austin is mentioned every now and then in Silver's thoughts, as he knows he will never forget sensing Austin's deep-seated fear of Finitevus, as well as Michael's injuries and Shane, Forrest, and Coal's deaths when thinking about his deep mistrust of the past Finitevus. Later, while fighting Finitevus in the destruction of Albion, Silver rants about all the crimes the present-day Finitevus has committed, and Austin and Storm's self-imposed exile is one of them. In the Epilogue, after Michael's death, Austin awakes from what appears to be a nightmare, realizing his brother is gone. He leaves the den he and Storm are sharing, and climbs atop a small hill overlooking his new home. Overcome with grief, Austin howls his misery to the stars, cursing Finitevus all the while, unaware that Finitevus is watching him and heard everything.


Austin says that he's memorized every character's line from the movies, video games, TV shows, and comics that he liked before arriving at the Worlds.

Being a German Shepherd, Austin is naturally large and muscular, made even bigger by his warrior training and experience in battle.

Iron Storm

In the arc Return of Darkness, Tails constructs a mech suit for Austin to fight Dark Enerjak following his and Fox's escape from the conquered Base, which he dubs "Iron Storm", because he liked its resemblance to Iron Man(but shaped to fit him). Iron Storm is almost identical to Iron Man in abilities and strengths, with blades hidden in the wrists and blasters hidden in the shoulders.


Austin's paralyzing, deep-seated fear of Finitevus has led to him making rash decisions, as does his desire to keep his family safe, since it led to him blaming Scourge for Dallas' kidnapping when the pup is taken by Finitevus. His poor decisions may also stem from his stubborn, almost blind loyalty to the Storm Fighters.

Latest Appearance: Having overcome his fear of Finitevus, Austin thinks a lot more clearly, but a lasting back injury he suffered in a fight, as well as issues with the leg he dislocated from a fall from Angel Island constantly flare up, disadvantaging him at bad times.


"I-I-I can't do this! I'm too scared!"
—Austin to Storm before confronting Finitevus, Storm's War
"Rokky's great and all, but he's not you, Storm. You helped me during the Battle of Angel Island when I was shivering like a coward, not Rokky. Sure Rokky kept me company when I stayed on Angel Island when Fox threw me out, but you've been such a good friend to me all this time. When I left, I missed your company. Rokky's a good warrior, but no one in Rogue Squad, not even Silver, can compare to you."
—Austin confirming his friendship with Storm, Storm's Shadow


Despite officially recovering, Austin has suffered from a lasting back injury as a result of being hit by Feral Fox's Thunder Punch, which left him temporarily paralyzed.

  • This injury was going to be mentioned in the story Shadowed Future: Aftermath, which saw Silvally as the main antagonist, but this story was scrapped.

Roy's Quest saw the mention of a song Austin often sang when upset, in Roy's thoughts. This was left vague, but the identity of this song is Flawless, by the Christian Music band MercyMe

  • This was given a mention because the series creator, Burpy's Dream, made Austin as a reflection of themselves, and Flawless is considered an important song in Burpy's Dream's heart.
    • This song will be mentioned in Storm's Shadow when Storm visits Austin after the canine warrior is injured.

Austin's favorite song is Imagine Dragons' On Top of the World.

Austin does not trust Shadow the Hedgehog.

  • This changed in The Heart of a Warrior, when Austin allowed Shadow to help and later join the Storm Fighters, before pardoning him altogether.

In the remake of Austin's Adventures, Austin is described as having black ears when he sees he is a German Shepherd, when in reality, he has brown ears; the black fur on his back starts at the base of his skull.

Austin's Iron Storm suit is a reference to Iron Man, and the moment when he gets stabbed in Fall of the Storm is a reference to a similar scene from 2018's smash-hit Avengers: Infinity War.

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