Austin Willow is a character by Monk the Cat.

He is an eighteen year old cat, who specializes in using herbs and spices for remedies and attacks. He learned some of his remedies from his mother.

Austin Willow
Austin Willow
Aspen the Cat
18 Physically 718 Chronologically
He is a 3' 6" cat with green fur, with white fur on his muzzle and stomach, and dark green fur on the tip of his tail and on his three medium length bangs; he has sky-blue eyes.
A large, homemade cloth backpack, a monk's robe(occasionally), Worn down brown gloves, basis leather boots.
Unnamed parents(deceased)
Romantic Interests
Puppet the Cat
Hero/Anti-hero(depends on what he is doing)
Friends, his mother, Sonic and Co., Herbs and Spices, Cooking, Archery, helping/ healing people
His father, slavery, seeing people get hurt


He is generally a quiet, caring cat, who likes to be outside of large crowds. He can be quite shy at times but is usually seen smiling. He has a hard time making friends because of his history. When he is in battle he typically fights by aiding allies or by tricking enemies. He is very patient and diplomatic, and is often a peace keeper.


He does not have any "powers" of his own, but is quite skilled with using herbs, spices and other plants to heal, cure and buff allies, or distract and hurt enemies. He also can use various materials to make potions and elixirs. Coincidentally experimenting with mixtures of herbs and such has made him a good cook. He is also a decent javelin thrower. He is also very deadly in close combat, either using his scythe, war scythe or javelins. He also can fight unarmed, mainly jumping on enemies or kicking them.

Items in Possession

  • A Scythe: A standard farming scythe. Rarely used as a weapon.
  • A War Scythe: It functions on the same basis as a pole-arm. His main offensive weapon.
  • A Dagger: Used mainly as a tool.
  • Some Javelins: Basic wooden spears. Used mainly for throwing.
  • Two bull whips: Used mainly as tools. He does not know how to use them very effectively
  • A Large Cloth Backpack: Homemade. Used to store herbs, potions and equipment.
  • A Tome: It is where he gets the recipes for many of his potions/elixirs.


it will come soon...

Relationships with other characters


My Characters:

Gabriel ???: He sees kind of like a little brother, he has trained with him for many years sharpening their skills in the process. He also respects "Monk" for his abilities and personality.

Ruth "Puppet" the Cat: He has only known her for a year, but there is a strong bond between them. He is impressed with her mechanical and leadership skills.


He got the nickname Aspen because he used to spend a lot of time in trees and with plants; and aspen is a type of tree.

He is a vegetarian

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