This is the hub where I'll keep track of my adoptable distribution and records. Keep in mind, I will not hesitate to take action if these are stolen or if I find them being sold by someone other than the owner. Each character listing will include their picture, a short description about them, and taken or open status. These are first come first serve, and if a page is not made for the character a week after they have been claimed, I will revoke the adoptable and reopen their adoption status.


You may only have one claimed character at a time. Until you complete a good sized page (one that it looks like effort was put into making it), you may not claim any other characters. This is to give others a chance to claim the remaining adoptables in the meantime and form their page. Nobody likes a hog. Also, feel free to add your own designs and characters to the page. As long as you follow the format that I already have in place (picture, description, status, etc.) You'll be fine ^^.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Austin Bison's Adoptable Bank

Blizzard "Blitz" Frostbite

Published 8.14.17 by XophPsycho

Blizzard Frostbite


Blitz is an idea I've had for years that I never really touched upon or developed. And thinking about it, his would-be existence in my canon is kinda contrived.

Anyway, he's a cryokinetic alien made of ice who came to Earth after the destruction of his home solar system. And that's really all I ever came up with in terms of backstory or anything. So, yeah. Take him if you want, 'cause I can't think of a good use for him.



Crimson Alizarin the Mouse

Published 8.10.18 by Austin Bison

Alizarin PNG


So this guy is based off a Toontown Rewritten character that I created and played for nostalgic purposed (which was in turn based on my childhood avatar in that game lol). So, if you want a piece of irrelevant, Austin Bison history, go ahead and adopt this guy. He doesn't really have a personality to speak of, since he's a game avatar, but I feel like that can be easily remedied with a little bit of creativity



Adopted Character Registry

This is a list of all of the characters that have been adopted, who they were adopted from, and a link to their completed pages

Rugal Paramount

Published by Austin Bison and adopted by Skyblade743 (Rugal Paramount)

Cyphon Iriden

Published by Austin Bison and adopted by Zapor888 (Cyphon Iriden)

Tasma Invone*

Published by Austin Bison and adopted by Julia Finitevus (Tasma the Ocelot)

Shingo Valero*

Published by Austin Bison and adopted by Celestia879 (Shingo the Ninja)

Arturo the Impala

Published by Austin Bison and adopted by XophPsycho (Arturo the Impala)

Nebula the Cat

Published by HauntedAlchemist and adopted by Ami670 (Nebula the Cat)

Sasha the Mouse

Published by HauntedAlchemist and adopted by Detective Skullwolf (Sasha the Mouse)

Austin the Lynx

Published by Austin Bison and adopted by Skyblade743 (Austin the Lynx)

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