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"The fire has always comforted me during the coldest of nights and the light will always watch over me....Mother" - Auryne speaking to an old friend


Auryne is a very determined and protective wolf, but also very caring when he notices any of his friends become upset or demoralised. With the outside world just ripe for exploring, Auryne spends most of his time outdoors, travelling from town, to city or even the wilderness whatever the weather, that is except when it decides to rain unexpectingly, in which he will decide to make camp until it clears.

Although he is very caring he can be abit clumsy at times and can realise this when a friend, or someone who travels with him, shakes him bringing him back to reality from his "Flashbacks"


Early childhood

Auryne was born with the abilities of Fire and Light in which most people even those close to him thought he was a threat to others, due to the fact that he accidently to set fire to his Parents back garden. After this incident, Auryne's father wanted to put him in an orphanage whereas his mother did not as she claimed that everyone is unique in every way, this caused them to seperate leaving Auryne and his mother to live without his father and husband for many years, which caused much pain to the young wolf.

However by the time he was 8 years old and was about to start his first days at school, he had managed to control his powers and vowed he would not used them at all, even if his friends asked him about it or if they wanted him to show them what he could do, mainly due to the fact that he did not want a repeat incident of what happened during his early years, the thought of which made him shudder and spark anger towards the father who abandoned him.

He had made only a few friends during his stay at school and would often be the victim of bullying because of his abilities that they learned from one of Auryne's friends, most likely through interrogation. As Auryne grew tired of the bullying at age 10, he took matters into his own hands and challenged the leader to a fight to remind himself what his mother told him "Everyone is unique in every way". Although he took a pounding, which included a fractured arm and 2 broken ribs, he emerged victorius and reminded his friends and the bullies exactly what his mother told him.

The past catches up....

As Auryne reached the end of his school years (age 12) he passed school with great success in Geography and P.E and was recommended to join a College sports team, Auryne refused and had made the decision to explore the world and see what it has to offer, which was a surprise to most of his friends as they thought he would do good there.

When he went home that night to inform his mother of the graduation, and plans for the future, an old familiar face was there waiting for him. His blood boiled at the sight of the person that once abandoned him when he was 5 years old and the fact that his mother was petrified when threats were made against them, which caused the fire within Auryne to erupt violently as he was knocked to the ground in a single punch to the head and after he regained conciousness he found that the house he once lived in had burned to the ground, causing great distress to Auryne as he knew that he would never see his mother again. As he slept in a nearby cave he welcomed the darkness to slowly take his life away, before an ominous body of light suddenly enveloped the wolf, giving him the courage to carry on with life and the light recites the following words to him "Everyone is unique in every way" He knew those were the words of his mother, unaware that she too had been consumed by Auryne's flames, he wondered if that was her spirit.

Travelling Mobius

Now at the age of 16, Auryne has become fully accomplished with exploring mobius alone and hopes to discover new places that he can find impressive and new people to make friends with, he also meditates at times to improve the powers that he has already learnt and hopes to put them to good use to protect the innocence from evil and destruction, just like his father caused him all those years ago, which sadly only come back as fragments of his memory.

As he approached a mining community during dusk, he had noticed that most of the workers were pancing as the machinery that was carving a path had broken down and exploded creating a deadly barrier of fire which prevented entry into the cave, unfortunately there were a few workers trapped and was fearing the worst. Auryne had decided to brave the darkness alone by first manipulating the fire and absorbing into his body which in turn allowed him to enter the cave shortly before the roof at the enterance caved in, cautiously Auryne summoned an orb of light to follow him and sucessfully located the trapped workers who were grateful that help has come, using the fire he absorbed he summoned a flame lance to pierce the weak point in the wall clearing the debris and escaped just before the mine caved in completely. The workers owed Auryne a debt of gratitude for his assistance and he vowed that he would protect the people of Mobius.

He has continued to travel across the world ever since.


Auryne was born with the powers of Pyrokinesis and Photokinesis, allowing him to control and manipulate both fire and light to his will and has shown great skill and promise in protecting them during his travelling era, he would never used his powers against innocence and would give his life to protect the ones that he cares about.

However with such powers there is always a price to pay...


Pyrokinesis - Being a fire userAuryne holds great potential when it comes to using fire, however he prefers to take a cautious approach to using fire as he would not use it unless threatened

  • Flame Lance - Allow's Auryne to summon a spear of fire before hurling it at his opponent which can explode upon impact
  • Fire shield - This fire shield can protect Auryne from most ranged projectiles as the intense heat on objects (such as bullets) will be reduced to nothing but molten steel
  • Fireball - Aurynes standard fireball attack allows him to summon upto 4 fireballs which explode on impact
  • Flame Claws - Auryne's offensive CQC weapon, when his gloves are removed a set of fiery claws appear which can sear and tear his enemies apart combined with his Light claws can summon Aurynes most lethal ability "Solarflare"

Photokinesis - This is Auryne's Defensive side as he can manipulate the light to get a slight advantage on his opponents or allow it to help him or his friends escape from enemies

  • Flashbang - Allows Auryne to conjour a ball of light which detonates upon contact allowing Auryne to connect a series of blows or serve as a distraction. The ball of light can also illuminate dark areas
  • Lights radiance - A ray of light appears on Auryne's hand which can heal most of his allies in a short radius
  • Light Claws - Like its fire claw counterpart, Auryne's Light claws can sear and tear his opponents apart when combined with the fire claws.


  • This is Auryne's final and possibly most lethal ability he possesses, Auryne can spin around to form a whirlwind of fire and light which sends out deadly rays of combined fire and light as if the sun itself was about to burn them, contact with any rays would knock the opponent back and leave with severe burns. This however is a major drawback for Auryne, should he channel this ability for too long, as he could pass out from exhaustion


Because Auryne is a fire user, water is one of his biggest weaknesses as the unfortunate wolf cannot swim at all, even shallow waters can scare the wolf

As he has control over Light and fire, some people may say that he can handle fights with ease, Not in Auryne's case. He is quite vulnerable to exhaustion and can potentially pass out should he use his solarflare ability for so long

During his 12th year when his father returned he suffered a major blow to the head, causing slight amnesia, as he would call it, "Shattered Memories" in which he can only remember certain fragments of his life


  • Auryne enjoys listening to rock music
  • When he gets distracted, a friend would usually slap the back of his head to get him to focus
  • Pepperoni Pizza is what he enjoys eating the most
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