This is an article about Aurum the Hedgehog, a character created by FroZenHyBrid on 02/1/2013.

"I understand you do not wish to do this. But we don't have a choice. I'm sorry."


Gender: Male

Species: Hedgehog

Age: 16


Vulkan the Hedgehog: Older brother

Chiaro the Hedgehog: Oldest brother


During his imprisonment, Aurum has taken time to practice parkour skills and strengthen his physical form and capabilities. As a result, he can be considered the most athletic of his three brothers, with Chiaro being second. He also practices martial arts and takes time in learning how to use a pair of daggers. He's obviously still learning how to use it.


Aurum, being a native of Shiro, has inherited the gift to control a certain element. His element is Earth.






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A form Aurum has not yet activated yet.

Whenever Aurum undergoes a great deal of stress, such as his becoming angry, or coming under a great deal of physical trauma, this form will trigger.

In this state much of Aurum's appearance changes, his body turns a vibrant gold. His irises and pupils vanish, with a flat silver circle replacing both of them and the grey fur on his limbs turn bright silver. His quills are also now wild. The clothes are the only thing on his person that remains the same.

His personality also changes as well, he goes berserk, attacking the cause of this transformation, as well as anything that attempts to obstruct his assault on the cause. When under this form, he loses all rational sense, and will speak with a much more aggressive tone. He is attempting to gain some semblance of control over this state.

Many of his abilities are also increased, such as the gravitational limit of his body, allowing him what appears to be flight. He is also able to form much greater constructs, and has increased physical strength, speed, and stamina.


Aurum is now no longer an Alternate canon character. This is now the title of Revold the Hedgehog, who will NOT have an article here. For now.




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