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Aurum is a supporting character in The Chaos Chronicles.


Aurum is a silver husky with light green eyes. She normally wears a gray coat over a black tank top, beige jeans, and black boots.


Aurum is a young woman who tries to help people. She is lonely, and wishes to be accepted. Aurum used to have a fear of heights before Midnight gave her power. Aurum wishes to have a dog pack of her own.


Aurum was a close friend of Quartz the Dog.

Meeting Midnight and Gaining Power

Aurum decided to join G.U.N.'s training academy after learning Quartz was going to attend as well. On the first day of training, Aurum's squad, Omega, had to scale a climbing wall. Aurum had a fear of heights and fell off the wall, breaking her leg. While in the infirmary, she met Midnight the Echidna. Midnight healed her, and gave Aurum powers. Aurum, alongside Quartz, became Midnight's trainees in order to fight the Jinn. Aurum and Quartz thought that Rose the Hedgehog was the Jinn, and she proved to be immune to the Jinn's venom. The Jinn was later revealed to be Topaz the Chameleon, Quartz's brother. Aurum and Quartz decided to leave Midnight, due to Aurum wanting to find a pack of dogs to relate to. The two later helped fight against Topaz after hearing Daisy the Dog howl for help. They tried to save Kyle the Squirrel's brother from Topaz. After Daisy killed Topaz, Aurum heard a nearby howling in the woods. Quartz followed her, and they went to the howling. When they reached the howling, the two learned it was not dogs howling, but wolves.

Taken Prisoner and Escape into Time

Aurum, alongside Quartz, was captured by the Wolf Pack. They locked the two in an old Nocturnus Clan prison in the Mystic Ruins. Later, Midnight was imprisoned as well. Ultimately, Quartz escaped and was rescued by Lana the Cat. Aurum and Midnight discussed the upcoming day of Halloween, being the darkest day of the year next to the Winter Solstice. Aurum, tired of being imprisoned, attacked her captor, Robert. Robert flung her into the wall, and she landed next to Nocturnus Clan technology. Robert threw a Leech Blade at her and it embedded itself in her stomach. Aurum, weak but still alive, grasped a nearby Warp Belt. Aurum said good-bye to Midnight as she disappeared into the fabric of space and time.



Brute Strength


Advanced Agility

Advanced Speed





Quartz the Dog (Close Friend)

Midnight the Echidna (Close Friend)

Daisy the Dog

Kyle the Squirrel

Honey the Cat

Cocoa the Dog

Rose the Hedgehog

Thorn the Fox

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