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 Aurora the fox

Aurora or referred to as Ame by her close friends is the Princess of Celeste and Guardian of the infinity emeralds. She is a snow white fox with long pink hair, purple eyes and a white muzzle, her usually attire is a black and red shirt, a blue skirt held by a gold chain. She wears a dark blue beret, red fingerless gloves with a ribbon attached around her wrist and red boots


Friendly, Independent, Adventurous and Optimistic, Aurora is everyone's best friend and favourite princess as Aurora never backs down from a problem and is always there to help someone, although she's naturally friendly she never gets angry but if she does than she becomes aggressive and dangerous, she is serious, calm and a master strategist in a fight and usually does anything to make sure that no one gets past her in order to destroy Celeste. It's hinted that she probably has a crush on Felix



Combat intuition- Aurora can predict her foes movement by reading their emotional pulses

Psychic navigation- Aurora can locate anyone or object with her mind

intuitive empathy- Aurora can copy other's powers by tapping their emotions and use it intuitively

empathic creation- Aurora is able to create weapons, shields, restraints and creatures out wind an pure energy with her emotions


Aurora's eyes can change colour depending on her Aura

Red-enhanced condition

Yellow- Can change her Aura into an element


Violet- Aura reading, Drowsing and illusion awareness


Aurora is shown to be weak against sonic attacks and electricity. She is also seen to have a limit on some of her attacks and loses consciousness if she pushes herself to hard

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