Aurora the Cat (Sonicfan)



Biographical Information
RelativesBlaze the Cat (Mother), Sliver the Hedgehog (Father) Gus Chaos (Uncle)
AliasCat Woman, The Naked Cat
Romantic InterestsTBA
Physical Description
DescriptionBlue/Black fur and hair, White muzzle, White stomach, Yellow eyes
AttireWhite Gloves w/ Green Symbols, Brown Belt, Green Socks, Blue Shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
AbilitiesControl of Psychokinesis, Control of fire
Super FormsBurning Aurora
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorScroundernuts/The Stupid Knight

Aurora the Cat is a character created by Scroundernuts, and is a hero. She is the daughter of Blaze the Cat and Sliver the Hedgehog.


Aurora was born during a big war that was happening in Mobius, and was raised by her father, Sliver. She happened to have Physic Powers just like her Dad, and he taught her to use it. She was very polite to everyone, and greeted them nicely. One day, Eggman Nega attacked, and killed Aurora's parents. She was then taken care of a young, female rabbit-fox hybrid named Sugar, who happened to be the daughter of Tails and Cream. She was introduced to Amelia, the daughter of the Rabbit hybrid, and the Rabbit-fox's husband, a young fox who looked serious. A few weeks after, Aurora found a red Chaos Emerald, and Ameila found a blue one, both observed the gemstones, and heard little about them. They knew about a "Chaos Control", and decided to do one together, however, they got tranported to the past, where they met a younger Sliver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat.


Aurora is normally calm and kind, but still is weary about her mother and father's death, often talking to their past selves. Aurora is playful with kids, but serious to the villains, mostly Eggman Nega because he killed her parents. Aurora is very active and athletic, and eats healthy foods. She is willing to do anything for freedom and peace, and hates violence in Mobius.


Sliver the Hedgehog

Aurora is very close to her dad. Sliver's the one who taught her to use her powers. He loves his daughter and is willing to protect her. Aurora hangs out with Sliver a lot, but is still sad about his death.

Blaze the Cat




Gus Chaos (Hatred of family)


Aurora is skilled in Psychokinesis, since she's the daughter of Sliver. She also can control fire. She is skilled in singing, since her adopted mother took singing lessons.



"Do you think you can defeat me?" When being challenged into a battle.

"Yes!" When getting an S Rank.

"Woo!" When getting an A Rank.

"Works for me!" When getting a B Rank.

"Meh.." When getting a C Rank.

"Aw, c'mon!!" When getting a D Rank.

"No!!" When getting an F Rank.

"AHHH!" When "Dying" in a stage.


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