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Aura is a middle-aged martial artist who lives in Greenflower City. She is a beautiful woman who appears younger than she really is. Bright and cheery, Aura is very enthusiastic about her training. She is very skilled and powerful in battle, and is an official black belt.

She is married to Burn The Hedgehog, and together they had one child.

She and Burn suddenly went missing several years ago, and their child was taken into The Black Rose Orphanage. However, in current times, the family has been reunited after many hardships.

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Aura is a light sky-blue hedgehog with emerald green eyes, and long hair reaching down just below her shoulders. Her name comes from the fact that her fur practically glitters when light reflects off of it.


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Strengths and Powers

Aura is very nimble and quick, and quite skilled in the ways of martial arts. She is rather strong, physically. Though she likes to spar, and loves the basis of martial arts, she does not like to hurt people any more than necessary. That goes for her enemies, too. She possesses a powerful ice elemental ring, which allows her to attack from a distance. Though she prefers not to use it if she doesn't have to.

General Info

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Items Currently In Possession

Winter Ring: An ice elemental ring, far more powerful than the lead selling brand. There is none like it. Made by Burn as an anniversary gift.


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