Aura is one of the ten Attributes, the various facets and representations of reality. The other nine are:

Of the Attributes, Aura represents truth and spiritual self-awareness. It's opposite is Sound.


While most of the attributes are supplemental in that they affect and manipulate the surroundings in various forms and means, Aura is starkly different, more akin to Aether in that it requires the manipulation of an internal source, rather than external. The Aura attribute focuses on the manipulation and control of one's own spiritual aura for a wide variety of uses and purposes. The most basic yet most prevalent use of the Aura attribute is in the heightening of one's senses. With control of one's Aura, one can focus said aura to gain a sense similar to "inner peace", allowing the user to use their senses to the uppermost limits. This includes telescopic sight, hyper hearing, and a capability to sense even the slightest disturbances in the surrounding area. Because of this, even with the five normal senses dulled or rendered useless, using Aura allows one "see" their surroundings as well or in some cases even better than a normal person. Aura's sensory abilities extend beyond extrasensory perception and enhanced sensory capabilities; one with control over the Aura attribute is capable of reading the aura of others. This allows an Aura-user to observe the mood and character of a person, as well as predict their next movements. Control over one's own aura allows one to counter such methods by altering and controlling their aura to mask their emotions.

Aura is not useless in the area of offense, however. Far from it, Aura has a variety of effective offensive capabilities that make it a dangerous attribute. The most significant and well-known use is Aura Sphere; the concentration and condensation of one's aura, followed by launching it as a projectile. Such technique extends beyond just projectiles: an aura user is capable of manipulating and solidifying their aura's shape and form into numerous different weapons and items as the user desires. This allows an Aura user flexibility beyond any typical weapon-user, for said user can create and alter a weapon to best match their needs and preferences. Not just solid weapons, an Aura user is able to control their aura in an energy-based form and launch it as projectiles and beams. Control such as this makes the Aura attribute shockingly versatile in use. Aura can even be used in subtle ways such as making hits stronger and faster, or making oneself more agile.

Due to Aura's internal source, Aura's weaknesses are more and less direct than for some attributes. The biggest weaknesses are concentration and the balance of one's body and mind. Constant and prevalent distraction makes it difficult for an Aura user to properly control and manipulate their aura. Psychological battle is equally effective against one who uses aura, due to the fact that clouding the mind with overpowering emotions disrupts the correlation between body and mind required for effective use of Aura. Techniques that disrupt, alter, or block a person's energy flow is also quite crippling, due to the fact that Aura is much more focused on controlling one's internal energies.



Among the ten Attributes, Aura represents the aspects of spirituality, self-awareness, and truth. It represents the ability for one to see the truth in themselves and others, allowing one to make judgment. Aura is the representation of being aware of oneself in all aspects; physically, mentally, and spiritually. It represents not only the ability to be comfortable with and/or criticize oneself, but also the willingness to grow, and improve upon ones own flaws and shortcomings. Aura is the representation of being in-tune with ones own spirit, allowing one to reach peace of mind and enlightenment. As such, Aura is the representation of truth and awareness in both oneself and others.

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