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Audrey the Dog is a female Australian Cattle Dog who debuted in Tide of War. She is Chaise the Wolf's mate, Cody the Wolfdog's mother, and a warrior of the Storm Fighters. Like Chaise, she hails from Southern Woods Village, and has a Southern US accent.


Audrey is a blue merle Australian Cattle Dog. She has bluish-gray patched fur with reddish fur on her upper arms and legs, and a white muzzle, hands, forearms, and legs. She also has brown eyes.


Audrey is a typical southern belle. Sweet, kind, and friendly, she tries to always look on the bright side of things, and is the person who commonly breaks up arguments between warriors. She also cares for her family.


Before the Series: Audrey was born and raised in Southern Woods Village. Her life was normal until the Iron Dominion invaded and took over the village, fatally injuring her father. She then escaped and ran north to find the warriors.

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The War of Darkness (story arc):

Tide of War: Audrey serves as the POV for the Prologue, but does not appear in the main story.




Chaise the Wolf

Chaise and Audrey loved each other from a youn age despite the fact Chaise is a wolf and Audrey is a dog(though a hybrid of the two is possible). Though it was never shown, Audrey was overjoyed to be reunited with Chaise when he escaped Southern Woods Village.

Cody the Wolfdog

Audrey and Cody's relationship was a bit strained during the War of Darkness, as before the Battle of Lamarkie, Cody was constantly bullied for his half-blood heritage. Since Cody's return in The Storm of Evil, it is unknown if this has gotten better.

Billy the Cattle Dog

Billy was Audrey's father, and she loved him dearly, being devastated when he died of injuries inflicted by the Iron Dominion.

Coop the Cattle Dog

Coop is Audrey's older brother. While their full dynamic is unknown, it's possible Coop cared deeply for his younger sister. His fate is unknown.

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