Atlas the skunk
Atlas Jack

Name Atlas Jack
Age Unknown, looks to be 24
  • Autto Lee(Adopted Brother)
  • Male Skunk(Adopted Father/Uncle|DEAD)
  • Female Hedgehog(Adopted Mother|DEAD)
  • Echo the Skunk(Mother)
Friends None
Romantic Interests None
  • Autto Lee
Species Skunk
Gender Male
  • Fur:Black/White
  • Eyes: Green
  • Height: 130 cm (4'4)
  • Weight: ???
  • Throwing knives
  • Shapshifting
  • Building things
  • His family(Mostly his brother)
  • Hedgehogs
  • Shoes


Is a green eyed, black and white skunk. He normally is seen wearing a hoody, a pair of goggles, grey gloves and white socks. He hates shoes and avoids wearing them if possible. Later on in Atlas's life he begins to turn himself into a robot, thus making himself look more robot.


Atlas is very arrogant to those he does not know. He has an extremely short temper and is often seen as psychotic. He tends to come off as very hateful towards anyone. However this is not the chase as he doesn't care either way. He has a strong dislike for Hedgehogs, this was caused by events in his childhood. Atlas is really the alter ego of Jack, who "died" when he was a child, thus giving birth to Atlas.


Atlas, who was originally known as Jack, was abandoned by his mother when he was young. HIs uncle and his wife took Jack in and raised him as their own. At the age of 7 Jack had lived happily with his new family, but then his younger brother was born. Jack spent the next eight years adjusting to the life of an older brother. Over the years Jack's hatred for Hedgehogs began to grow. To avoid doing anything he might regret, he ran away from home and began a life or repairing and building robots.

How this did not solve any of Jack's issues. One night on his way home he was attacked by a gang of Hedgehogs. When they were done having their fun they left Jack to die. At this moment Jack died and Atlas came to be. Atlas began to mess with strange artifacts from the past and cursed himself with the ability of shapeshifting. To make matters worse Jack's brother, Lee, had been searching for him. However when he came across Atlas he had learned his brother was long gone.


Atlas has the ability to shapeshift, However not everything changed when he shifts. When Atlas shapeshifts, his eyes and hair color remain the same. His voice does not change making it easy for others to know that he is a shifter.


Atlas has a weakness for females, unless they are hedgehogs. His lack of ability to change small things like eye color, hair color and voice when shapeshifting are seen as a weakness. He will also do anything Echo tells him to do, whether he likes it or not.

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